Yuvarathnaa Movie Review

Kannada star Puneeth has teamed up with KGF producer Vijay for his latest drama Yuvarathnaa. The film was released simultaneously in Telugu today. Puneeth had a special interest and promoted the Telugu version. see what the movie like.



After the tragic suicide of brilliant student at University, Principal Gurudev (Prakash Raj) is fighting the business of education. The corrupt Minister of Education (Sai ​​Kumar), the rector of the rival university (Diganth) and the deputy director of RK University (Avinash) are trying various ways to destabilize the core values ​​represented by Gurudev and his RK University.


But Gurudev is helped by an elastic student named Arjun (Puneeth Rajkumar). What is Arjun's motive for being with the university and with Gurudev? Can he make sure the university regains its lost glory and stops corruption? You will have to see the movie in theaters to learn the rest of the story.



Puneeth Rajkumar exudes dynamic heroism. He excels in action and combat. Prakash Raj once again arrests the audience with his serious performance. The product values ​​are excellent and a lot of money has been invested in it since the film was made under the banner of the KGF franchise.



The whole story works easily. Solve all college problems in an instant. The chemistry between Puneeth and Sayyeshaa fails. The young beauty is used only for songs and some scenes and nothing else. The climax of the movie is too simple and leaves a lot to be desired.


In addition to the routine and superficial storyline, Yuvarathnaa suffers greatly from massive element overload and unnecessary heroic height. Every match was choreographed and too many slow-moving shots were used as if they were hero launch scenes. On top of that, Thaman's high background score adds to the misery.


Technical aspects:

Principal Santhosh aimed to convey an important message about commercializing the education system in the most commercial way. The story and the way it was presented on screen and even the main characters are quite common.


With the exception of the Paatshaala song, none of the songs composed by Thaman will be remembered when the film ends. The cinematography is uncluttered and translates greatness to the big screen. The editor should have been more ruthless in cutting out some insignificant scenes, especially the ones involving the students' parents in the second half, as they took the film into a no-nonsense zone.

Overall, Yuvarathnaa is just another heroic movie that doesn't serve the purpose it begins with. Too much comfort and liberties taken in the story make you feel like you're watching another entrepreneurial cauldron on business education. You can watch the movie if you are a fan of Puneeth Rajkumar and you like typical massive mass action dramas.


After the giant Raajakumar, Santhosh Anandrram returns to work with Puneeth Rajkumar for Yuvarathnaa, funded by Hombale Films. Sayyesha debuts with sandalwood and the film begins as a family entertainer filled with necessary commercial ingredients.

The film is about the independence of education. Its aim is to shed light on how private institutions downplay public universities and how education has become affordable for the middle class and the poor.


The principal (Prakash Raj) tries to save the government universities and Yuvaraj (Puneeth Rajkumar) fights to target him. They have to compete against powerful politicians and advocates who create obstacles at every turn.



 Puneeth Rajkumar appeared as always. Whether it's a dance or a trick, he impresses the audience with everything he does. Power Star has a lot of hissing dialogue that its fans are sure to enjoy. Dhananjay has less screen space than Prakash Raj, but he easily removed the role from him, as he has done many negative roles today.