Things to Know Before Choosing Blogging as your Career

Blogging seems like a good career. Being a professional blogger is like being your own boss, flexible hours and also, you can blog wherever you want; All you need is a laptop and a network. Sounds good. Hello?

Many people think that blogging is just a part-time job or just a hobby. They don't know the term professional blogging.

I'm happy. Because you are one of those people who really knows that there is a term called "Professional Blogs".

If you are one of those who are willing to start a blogging business,

then this post is for you. I will explain all the things you need to consider and know before becoming a so-called professional blogger.

Blogging is nothing but passion

Blogging and passion: these two words are a perfect combination.

There are two types of people who start blogging.

• People are passionate about money.

• People are passionate about the subject. (I really like these guys)

If you are the first type of blogger to see many bloggers making a lot of money online and have decided to pursue the blogging profession, then hit the little close button.

That's the passion it takes to be a successful blogger.

I always advise: “Follow your passion. Money follows you ”.

Passion encourages you to update your niche knowledge. Do you know any of the common traits of passionate bloggers? - "They are always hungry for new information in their area of interest."

Passionate bloggers are ready to expose themselves to their area of interest, 24 × 7 years total. If you are not hungry for such information, blogging is not the right profession for you.

Blogging may be the only profession you can be a student with all your life.

Blogging requires writing skills

Maybe you have a good knowledge of a certain domain or niche. But that's not all you need to be a professional blogger. Besides passion, you need the right expression.

Here you have the writing skills. It is a skill that you must develop yourself. You should work to improve your writing skills by reading and writing different books and other publications on a daily basis.

If you hate writing or writing for at least an hour a day, blogging would not be your profession of choice.

You may have good verbal communication skills, but that doesn't mean you write very well.

You must have the ability to quickly adapt to the writing style variations of different niches. Since you use blogging as a profession, you may need to change your niche in the future. You must have the confidence to adapt to change and be a skilled writer in your new niche.

Blogs don't focus on success overnight

People generally consider blogging as one of the online ways to get rich. Post a few posts, get visitors to your blog, and Google will pay you. Hello? But that is far from the truth.

Blogging requires patience, passion, dedication, and smart work.

When considering blogging as a profession, your overall focus will be on your blog. You often repeat the progress on your blog. If you want your profession to last, be patient. It takes huge costs and time to get real results.

It should be someone who treats failures calmly without getting depressed and instead treats failures as hidden possibilities; learn from it.

Blogging requires discipline

If you accept blogging as your profession, you are your own boss! Laziness sucks there. You don't have to follow any discipline.

Discipline is very important in blogging. You must create a work schedule of at least 5 hours a day. And spend the rest of your time improving your basic skills, reading books, practicing meditation, and going to the gym.

You need to have a plan that you can work on and maintain for a good cause, be it targeted traffic, subscribers, or income. If you don't have a goal to achieve, there is less incentive to wake up and start blogging.

At the end of the day, make a list of all the things you need to do the next day. You must prioritize tasks based on their importance; act accordingly. Bloggers are lazy to write from home. So I would recommend that you create an office, set a schedule, and work from there. It forces you to be disciplined.

Consistency is key here

Blogs cannot produce results without constant effort and writing. You should never leave your blog sterilized. Create a blog post plan and stick to it.

Consistent posting helps your readers when they expect a new blog post. In the long run, the number of readers grows significantly.

You may get little or no feedback from your audience.

Ability to adapt to changes

Blogging is not the same as in 2008 and all. Since then, blogging has revolutionized. As Google performs its algorithm update, much has changed since then.

Professional bloggers who do not adapt to the changes were hit hard.

After 4 years, blogging would not be the same as it is today. With the ever-increasing demand for quality content, mediocre content will be difficult.

You should always be aware of what is happening in your domain. Your ability to adapt to change is very important.

As more and more people dive online and the awareness of entrepreneurship grows, there will be a lot of competition. You need to be unique enough to easily face the competition.

You should always focus on building your brand, loyal readers and professional relationships with other bloggers. Comforts you along the way.

Never try blackhat tactics

Blackhat's tactics include private blogging, spam link building, article rotation, and more. While they can give you quick success and results, they will be detrimental to you in the long run.

You will be caught by the Google penguin one day.

I advise you to refrain from any practice of black hat that is very prevalent today. If you want to build something in the long run, there are no shortcuts.

You can also get many sponsored posts when your blog becomes popular. Do not accept them as long as the service or product you are promoting provides value to your readers.

The blogging of the future

When deciding to make blogging your full time job, the first question that comes to mind is, "What is the future of blogging?"

Believe me. Blogging will never die. At least for the next 25 years.

Instead, it will continue to falter. The future of blogging is bright. I'll tell you why.

Content consumption has grown dramatically in recent years. The reasons are the frequency of smartphones, cheap internet connections and the increase in reading skills, etc. There are many niches where there are no quality content writers.

In short, there is not enough content on the web to feed the growing content consumers. Blogging would be the best choice as a profession.

Other notable factors

• Is your family comfortable seeing you as a professional blogger?

• Do you have a fever? Are you ready to spend a lot of time blogging and learning in front of your computer?

• Do you like a writer?

• Do you know the basics of SEO?

• Are you ready to be a lifelong teacher?