The Inspirational Story of Alibaba Founder

We are all social beings who are always looking for a real life imagination to awaken our thinking and seek inspiration from. We meet a lot of strangers every day, but we only look to some of them for inspiration, and what sets them apart are the stories they have to tell. As children we grow up hearing stories about how a hero will save his people and his family, we find comfort in those stories. Studies have also shown that these inspiring stories have a positive effect on our brain, helping us to be more compassionate and generous and to improve our overall perception of life.


So today we are going to talk about a story. The story of the life of a man who affected almost the entire economy and the Internet industry of China. His life is nothing less than the story of Robert, The Bruce and the Spider, which we learned as preschoolers.


Who is Jack Ma?

Jack Ma is the founder of e-commerce giant Alibaba and is interested in Alipay, the sister company that is an online portal. He now he is officially the richest man in China with an estimated net worth of $ 25 billion. Based on the recent world record of $ 150 billion. All things considered, Jack Ma owns only 7.8% in Alibaba and 50% in Alipay. Alibaba and Jack Ma, although they are not famous Chinese names, you should know that Alibaba is worth more than Facebook and handles products more than eBay and Amazon combined.


This may sound like the story of a rich and arrogant millionaire who did not see the darkness. But don't be confused by the numbers he sees above, they can fool anyone. While Jack Ma was as simple as he may sound, it was difficult in his life to get to where he is today. A true obstacle to a rich history and certainly one that will inspire you in your darkest days.


Jack Ma - backstory

Ma Yun, also known as Jack Ma, is one of those self-made billionaires who have a humble beginning. Jack Ma was born in Hangzhou southeastern China. He was born with an older brother and during the rise of Communist China isolation western regions. His parents were traditional musicians and storytellers, and they didn't do enough to be considered middle class today.

Former US President Richard Nixon's visit to Hangzhou in 1972 improved the tourism situation in his hometown and Jack wanted to take advantage of this opportunity. Jack always wanted to learn English as a child, and he spent his early mornings cycling to a nearby park, where he gave free English rides to foreigners. At that time he met a foreign girl who nicknamed him "Jack" because her name was difficult for her to spell.


After earning a BA in English, Jack worked as an English teacher at Hangzhou Dianzi University with a salary of $ 12 a month. Now comes the part where he gets more interesting, even before he gets that diploma and becomes an English teacher. 

Rejected, but not failed.

Jack Ma as an extraordinarily lucky guy who just became a billionaire in the blink of an eye. But it's safe to know that rejections are synonymous with Jack Ma. You wouldn't believe how many times this man has been rejected and failed.


In his early childhood, Jack Ma failed his elementary school exams, not once, but twice! He failed his high school exams three times. While applying to universities after high school, Jack passed the entrance exam three times before finally joining Hangzhou Normal University. He applied and even wrote to Harvard University ten times to be accepted, and was rejected each time. This happened only during his training!


During and after his undergrad, Jack tried to work in many places and was not given a job. After studying at the university for three years, Jack couldn't find a job after applying for them 30 times! 23 people were accepted. He was also one of the five labor demands to the police force and he was the only one.

Also in terms of his corporate duties, Jack Ma continued to fail on two of his original projects.

The resurrection of Jack Ma

In one of his interviews, when asked about his refusals, he had to say, "Well, I guess we'll have to get used to it.

After finally accepting all of his rejections and failures, Jack Ma visited the United States in 1995 for a government project related to road construction. It was then that Jack Ma first came into contact with the Internet and computers. Computers were quite rare in China at the time due to the high costs associated with them, and the internet or emails did not exist. Then he searched for "China", but no result appeared. He decided it was time for China and its people to get online.


Initially, Alibaba didn't have a dime in investment from foreign investors, but in 1999 it raised $ 20 million from SoftBank and another $ 5 million from Goldman Sachs. Build trust among the Chinese people for an online payment and money transfer system. packages is safe, the biggest challenge for Jack Ma and Alibaba was one that Jack will face for the rest of his life.


After starting his first successful business at the age of 31 and even after not writing a single line of code or selling anything to anyone, Jack Ma runs one of the largest e-commerce networks in the world. The company has grown rapidly, expanded globally and is growing rapidly from the shell of China. Second, only Walmart, which has been up for sale for a year now, Alibaba has the e-commerce giant Jack Ma he envisions. 

Jack Ma's full interview

Where does this lead? With a positive and childlike attitude towards him that inspires him, the real "Forrest Gump" who never sees himself harmed by the events that happened to him.


Believing in yourself, being persistent in adversity, and treating rejection and failure as opportunities to move yourself forward is what Jack Ma's extraordinary life tells the world. Here are some of my favorite quotes from Jack Ma:

So what do you think of Jack Ma and his business trip with Alibaba? Share your thoughts and comments on this business tycoon below.