SEMrush 30 Days Free Trial

SEMrush is the best SEO analysis tool for the competition. It is similar to an SEO Swiss Army knife, and all bloggers need this tool. It comes with many features like keyword research, link research, competitive analysis, social media posts, content templates, and more.


In this post, I introduce you to the SEMrush 30-day trial 

If you've been in the SEO game for a while, you already know SEMrush. They have the largest keyword database in the world with over 20 billion keywords indexed so far. SEMrush is used by more than 7 million users worldwide, it has more than 142 geodatabases, 819 million domains, etc.


We currently have two tests - remember that the SEMrush Pro + CI add-on test plan gives you access to competitive intelligence features like traffic analysis and more, along with the core SEMrush features.


You can redeem all of these trial versions by clicking the links above. 

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Starting Price - $ 119.95 / month


1. Competitive research

2. Keyword research

Link building

4. Classification table

5. Website and SEO technique

6. Trace audit tool

7. Content analyzer


1. Ahrefs

2. Moz



How do I activate the free trial of SEMrush?

Just sign up for a free account and on the next page you can see the 30 days in which the SEMrush trial period will be activated. You should also remember that your card will be charged when the 30-day free period expires.


SEMrush pricing

SEMrush comes with 3 pricing plans. The lowest is the professional plan, which costs $ 119.95 / month with features like 3,000 reports / day, 10,000 results / report, and 1 user.


If you want more reports per day, you can opt for higher plans.


With all of their plans, you get over 40 advanced tools and features. SEMrush even has a custom business plan that is tailored to your unique marketing needs.


If you choose annual billing, you can save 16%.


What features does SEMrush offer?

I've been using SEMrush for a long time and I can't imagine blogging without using this amazing tool for competitive SEO research.


In fact, I have already dealt with SEMrush on my blog. And I also compared it to other SEO tools like Spyfu and Moz.


These are the features it offers: 

Keyword Research - This SEMrush feature allows you to research profitable but competitive keywords. Just enter your keyword into your keyword magic tool and SEMrush will return you all the relevant keywords that you could target in your blog content.

Content Analyzer - This tool analyzes content it comes basic on-page optimization.

Competitive Keyword Research - Lets you spy on the keywords your competitive websites rank on Google.

Analyze Competitor Links - Allows you to spy on your competitor's links and allows you to create many of your own SEO backlink building strategies.

Domain vs. Domain - This allows you to compare each of the two competing domain names for keywords, traffic, number of backlinks, and more.

Tracking Review Tool - This tool crawls any website and helps you identify the improvements that can be made when it comes to on-page SEO.

Advertising - Helps you display the advertising keywords that each website is targeting.

Fire Monitoring - Helps you track your brand online.

Social Media Posting - Helps you post content on social media and keep your profiles active with new content for your audience.

Local SEO - Offers listing management to manage and distribute your business information, position tracking to track your performance on a daily basis, on-page SEO monitoring to analyze competitors' ranks, and much more.

Website Income Generation - Provides tools like On-Screen Ads, SEO Copywriting Assistant, On-Page SEO Checker to boost your internet traffic and make it huge.

The keyword magic tool is best suited for searching for keywords. It gives you more filter options to make searching easier and more efficient.

Much more

SEMrush FAQs

How did you benefit from the free SEMrush trial? 

To go to the trial page, click the button in the blog post and activate the 30-day free trial.


Does SEMrush offer a trial period of 60 days or more? 

SEMrush previously offered a 60-day trial period, but is no longer offering it.

Does SEMrush have a good keyword index and backlinks?

SEMrush has the best database and keyword index in the world. They invest a lot in trackers and servers. Recently, after a massive database upgrade, SEMrush has by far the best big data on SEO.


Who Owns SEMrush? 

Oleg Shchegolev and Dmitri Melnikov owner of SEMrush. Today, SEMrush was called SEOquake. It is now the largest SEO company with $ 40 million in funding.



SEMrush has helped me a lot when it comes to SEO optimization on and off my site. It also helps to replicate what works well for my competitors so I always have an advantage over them when it comes to ranking my site.


While SEMrush will cost you a hefty monthly price, it will provide you with at least 5x ROI if you use it wisely and fully.


Make sure to take advantage of SEMrush's 30-day free trial.