What Hap­pens When You Hide Com­ments on Facebook

 Social sites like Facebook are a great platform for making friends. But it has also become a ground for hate speech and more. These often come into your life through comments. One way to deal with this is to hide comments on Facebook to remove the unwanted stuff. But what happens if you hide the comments on Facebook?


What happens if you hide the comments on Facebook?

Are there any questions left unanswered as if you could only hide comments on your posts? What about the posts you've been tagged in? Can mutual friends see the comments you've hidden?


Therefore, we fill our sleeves to give the greatest possible clarity on how to hide comments on Facebook.


Let us begin.



Although there are billions of users on Facebook, we assume that enough people have not yet hidden comments on their Facebook accounts. So when you find your comment or someone's comment about your update, select the three-dot menu next to the comment and select the Hide comment option.


What happens if you hide comments on Facebook 1?

Comment text should be blurred or obscured. You'll notice the Hide Below option, which can come in handy if you change your mind later.


What happens if you hide comments on Facebook 2?

The same steps also work on smartphone apps. Click and hold the comment to display a pop-up window with the Hide comment option.


What happens if you hide comments on Facebook? 3 

What happens if you hide comments on Facebook? 4

NOTE: See gray comments and can't remember to hide them? These comments may have been marked as spam by the system or violated one of Facebook's policies.



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WHAT happens if you keep comments on your posts / page

There are two scenarios. The first is where you posted a status update and someone commented on it. The second is when someone comments on an update on her page. When you hide a comment on your post / update, it will remain visible to the person who posted it and all their friends.


What happens if you hide comments on Facebook 8?

The commentator and her friends can also continue the discussion. Only people on the commenter's friend list can view or comment on the comment. No one else can do it.



The short answer is a resounding no. The commentator never finds out unless people start talking about it. People are smart nowadays and often take screenshots of controversial comments in anticipation of such a move. Be careful what you hide or take away. Read our take below on which comments to hide if you're unsure.


WHAT happens if you save comments on tagged posts

Let's say someone tagged you in a post that you don't want to deal with. You then ask your friend to delete your name or comment, but they won't listen to you because you're annoying, which is even more fun / satisfying.


You can also hide comments on updates where you are tagged and the treatment remains the same. Your friends can't see it, but theirs can see it, and if you have mutual friends, they can see it too.


What happens if you hide comments on Facebook? 6 What happens if on Facebook? 5

You can prevent people from tagging you or go through the approval process for each tagged post before it appears on your timeline. It's called Review and you'll find it under Settings> Timeline & Labeling at the bottom of the screen.




What happens if you follow someone on Facebook?



Hiding comments is not always a good idea. I have already shared a reason above where users can take screenshots. Here's one more and one better. Let's say you have a business page and people are making good and bad comments about your product or customer service.


If someone is not satisfied with your service, please try to understand and resolve the problem or root cause. Show the and that no one is perfect. It just makes you human. Even some of the most respected and loved brands receive negative feedback in the form of constructive criticism. And that's fine.


What happens if you hide comments on Facebook 7?

That is not rightespecially if you manage a business site. The good thing is that you can always show a comment later.


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