5 Best Ways to Hide Apps on Android With­out Disabling

When we think of hiding an application on Android, we can think of disabling or uninstalling it. But it has major drawbacks, as all your application data is removed and you will have to configure the program from scratch. To avoid it all, you can hide apps on your Android phone or tablet without disabling them with other methods shown in the message.

Everyone has different reasons for hiding programs. Some will hide dating shows, VPN or social networks, others will hide work programs for kids. Whatever the reason, the methods below can help you hide apps on Android without also rooting your device.


Without being more curious, let's see how we hide apps on Android phones like Samsung, OnePlus, Redmi, etc. Without disabling applications.



Phones from brands like, OnePlus and Redmi offer to hide applications with launcher. How to do it with them.


Hide apps in Samsung One UI Launcher

From the home screen, press and hold an empty space and then tap Settings on the home screen. Scroll down and tap Hide apps.


Select the programs you want to hide and tap Apply.


Tip: You can also use Secure Folder on Samsung phones to hide apps.


Hide apps on Xiaomi Redmi phones

On MIUI phones, open the security app in your app and go to App Lock. Add the programs to hide.


Hide apps with OnePlus Launcher

Open the app drawer in OnePlus Launcher. Swipe right from edge of the screen. You will see Hidden Space. Tap the plug-in icon (+) above and select the programs you want to hide.



If your phone's original launcher doesn't allow you to hide apps, you can download third-party launchers like POCO and Evie. You can hide programs in these startup programs using the Hide programs option available in startup settings. Check out our detailed post with steps related to launchers that allow you to hide programs.




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An application can be recognized on your phone by its name and its icon. All you have to do is change your name and icon to something else with a launcher. We tell you the steps for the popular New Launcher. The basic idea of ​​the steps is the same in all launch vehicles.


Open the app drawer in New Launcher. Press and hold the program you want to hide. Select Edit from the menu.


Change the name of the app in the app tag. Keep it as simple as a calculator. Then tap on the app icon icon on the next screen. Simplify it again so that you see it as a system program.


NOTE: Changing the name and icon of the program is not an important feature of New Launcher. You can also do it in the free version.


3. Rename the folder

Another easy way to hide programs is to add them to a library. Then give the folder a name so that no one will be interested in it. For example, useless programs or bloatware.


This method hides the application in the application tray or on the home screen, depending on where you added the application to a folder. While all launchers allow you to add apps to folders on the home screen, only a few deliver the folder to the app drawer. And if you don't like the app box, check out the best launchers without an app box.


TILT! You can also use the folder to hide the programs. It is available in applications like Nova and Action Launcher.



If you want to hide programs without a launcher, you can use the multi-function function. Basically, you have to create a new user and install the secret programs in that profile. Each profile is independent of the other and the installed applications are available in the profile in which they are installed.


To create a new on your phone and go to System. Tap More users. Then tap Add user. Steps may vary on different devices. Just search for users in the search function available in Settings. Once the user is created, change it through the user icon in the quick panel.