What Is Face­book Take a Break Fea­ture and How to Use it

 "We had a break." Fans of the TV show F.R.I.E.N.D.S wanted to know what we were talking about. Either friends or family write constantly, or you just want to avoid an ex-girlfriend, a little easier in real life. But with social media, it’s a challenge. To avoid this, Facebook ha6s introduced the Take a Break feature.


What is Facebook Take A Break Fi 2?

Simply put, this feature is Facebook’s attempt to facilitate the scene. It starts when Facebook doesn’t announce the status of your relationship, when you change it to a single, divorced or leave it blank. Only when you add a relationship, get married or get engaged will it be put into your stream with your permission.


It’s not just about a break. We want to know in detail and how to activate and undo it.



The Take a Break feature allows you to literally pause from someone on Facebook without it being obvious. The person can be your ex, friend, business partner or anyone.


Let's take the example of your ex-boyfriend. Generally, when you break up with someone, you want to avoid that person as much as possible, both in the real world and in the digital world. The easy step is to remove them from your friend list or block them. However, both are hard and clear. This is where the “Take a break” feature helps you.


What is Facebook? Take a break 50

It is designed to help you avoid or see fewer stories of the person in your stream. Likewise, it also prevents the other person from seeing your updates on Facebook. And by doing this, you are digitally avoiding the person still making friends with them.



Now that you know the idea behind the film, let’s take a look at what’s going on behind the scenes.


Limit what you see from someone

When you use this feature, the first big change that can happen is that Facebook’s algorithms hide the man from your view as much as possible. Hiding on Facebook means a lot of things listed below.


What is Facebook? Take a break 1

For example, you can't see posts from the person in your stream. That is, when the person posts something to Facebook, it does not appear in your stream. You need to manually open your Facebook profile to see your latest updates. In a way, you no longer follow the man.


If a mutual friend then tagged the person in a photo or poster, it will not appear in their stream. Facebook will also not ask for or display the name of the person in the list that appears when you add tags. You need to find the person's name if you want to tag it.


Usually Facebook sends a notification if you and your Facebook friends are attending the same events. However this will not happen with this special person.


2. Limit what others see about you

The Pause feature also allows you to hide your posts from other people's stream. This is done by adding the person to the limited Facebook list.


When you add a person to the restricted list, you usually change the privacy settings so that their future posts and stories are not visible to that person. Even if the person visits your profile, the latest updates will not be visible. Only if the post is public or if you tagged that person can they see it. The same rules apply to people you’re resting from, because Facebook automatically adds them to the restricted list.


What is Facebook Take A Break 2?

NOTE: People on your limited list may not see your stories either.



What happens if you block someone on Facebook?


Restrict privacy for previous posts between the two of you

Facebook also takes care of your previous posts. By doing so, a lot of things change automatically and you don’t have to do anything. First, if you've ever tagged the other person, that content won't appear to you. It is only visible to other tagged people.


What is Facebook Take A Break 3?

Second, if the other person tagged you or someone else tagged you both in the same posts, those posts will not be automatically tagged. And you can't see these messages. Third, if they have posted something on the other’s timeline before taking a break, it will be deleted and cannot be retrieved when they stop making a human break.


NOTE: Once tags have been removed, you may not be able to see the images sent by the other person or another. It depends on your privacy settings, as it is no longer tagged.

Wall posters

You can both still post to each other's timelines after a break if your privacy settings allow it. Who else can see the message depends on your existing privacy settings.


What is Facebook? Take a break 6


If you are both replying to the same post, which could be from a friend or a frequent page / group, you may see different comments. You can even reply to comments.



There is no time limit for this feature. It will happen until you again or remove them from the restricted list.


MEET someone when they take a break from Facebook

No. No one knows that you are comfortable with someone, including the special someone. It's a cute little secret between you and Facebook.


What will Facebook 12 break?

However, the other person may find things a bit suspicious when your posts stop showing up in their updates and also when they can't see the posts on your wall.



To pause someone on Facebook, follow two important steps: initiate pause mode, and then select your preferences. We show you how to start the mode first and then dive into the preferences.


1. Open the shooting pause mode

When you change your marital status to single, divorced, or unemployed, you will be prompted to use the break by default. Follow these steps to be used by Facebook desktops and mobile apps without changing your online status.


Get started Take a break on the Facebook website

To do this, open in with your account. Then open the special Take a Break link below.


Start a pause function


A pop-up window will open asking you to enter the person's name. Write the first initials then click on the real name provided by Facebook. Next, you need to select the preferences.


What is Facebook? Take a break 7

Home Take a break in the Facebook app for Android

Open the profile of the special person. Tap Friends and select Break from the menu. Then set the preferences as shown below.


What is Facebook pause? 8 What is Facebook pause? 9

Home Take a break in the Facebook app for iPhone

Visit the special Facebook profile for this. Touch the friends icon followed by friends. Then tap Take a break. You will be asked to set preferences.


What is the Facebook pause 10 What is the Facebook pause? eleven


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2. Set sleep settings

Once the break begins, you will see three sections. You must configure the privacy settings in these three sections according to your preferences. To do this, click or tap View settings.


What will break Facebook 18?

These sections are the same as we discussed in the "What happens when someone rests" section. As mentioned above, you can select one option from one section and another option from the other section. That is, you can see someone less, but you can show them their messages. Then choose your settings carefully.


In the first section, select your option to view other content. Select "Restrict where person's name Tap or click Save button.


What will Facebook break 13

What will Facebook break 14

Finally, Facebook offers three options to limit previous posts.


What will Facebook 3 break?

First, you can keep the privacy settings of the previous posts in this way. Thus, the previous messages between the two remain intact. Click or tap Keep all messages as is.


You can also individually change the privacy settings of the messages using the 'Edit individual messages' button. If you do, click the button below. You will be taken to your friendship page where you can regain the privacy of the messages that have occurred between the two of you.


What is Facebook? Take a break 4

Facebook will show you all the common messages when you select this option. Click or tap the three-dot icon in the message and select Remove Tag from the menu.


What will Facebook 5 break?

Select 'Edit all my posts and posts where I'm tagged' if you want Facebook to automatically remove the tags and delete the old posts between the two of you. Click Save to save the changes.



The process is not as simple as removing someone from a list with the click of a button. Need

Finally, select "Save all messages as they are" in the last section. Do not forget to click Save under each section.


What is Facebook? Take a break 17

NOTE: Deleted tags and messages will not be added or displayed again.

2. Indirectly stop taking a break

Since this feature no longer tracks the person and adds them to your restricted list, you need to undo these two things. That is, follow the person again and remove him or her from your restricted list. In any case, the other person will not be informed.


Follow on Facebook

To follow the person again, go to their profile and click / press the Follow button. It is usually available near the person's name at the top for Android and desktop.


What is Facebook? Take a break 29

On the iPhone, you'll find it under the Friends icon.


What is Facebook, take a break? 19 What is Facebook, take a break? 20

Remove from a restricted list

These are the steps:



On the Facebook web, click the Friends Lists option in the left sidebar under Explore. If you do not click See more. Then click Restricted.


What is Facebook Take A Break 22A?

You will be taken to the restricted list. Click the Manage List button and select Edit List.


What is Facebook? Pause 23

Hover over your friend's photo and click the delete icon. Finally, press the Finish button to save the changes.


What is Facebook? Take a break 24


In the Facebook Android app, open the profile of the person you want to use for free. Click the Friends button and List from the menu. Then turn off Restricted.


What is Facebook Take a break 25 What is Facebook Take a break 26


Open the person's profile and tap the friends icon. Then tap Friends and select Edit friends list. Turn off Restricted and press Done.