9 Easy Tips to Add an Attractive Personality to Your Blog

People trusted blogs that have a attached to them. Why because they are human too.


One of your goals in blogging: You should write in a way that convinces your blog readers to trust you. This goal is not possible if you don't have a great personality attached to your blog. Because most people don't mind reading a piece of content written by some creature hidden behind the curtains.


You have to introduce yourself! In every blog post. 

Readers need to feel and relate to every sentence you say.


Write the message only to one of your readers

Once you've decided on the topic you want to write about, all you need to do is find an ideal reader to read your post. You cannot address all of your readers. You must choose one of the types that has a specific problem or interest. Then adjust the content you write, remembering them. 

You can find the fire problems in your niche using, 

  • Niche forums
  • Quality control websites
  • Facebook niche groups
  • Do some research on your blog
  • Questions for your email subscribers

Make sure that at least one of your readers likes your message; It matches your way of thinking and strikes the right chords and resonates with them.


Once they relate to you, you build a great personality in their minds. They will be loyal to you; you are the right person for them.


Damn formula

Readers are your friends. How would you talk to a friend? 

Breaking the barrier between oral and written communication. The words you put in your posts must be natural and authentic.


Blogging requires you to write while you speak. 

Best written advice: write while you speak! 


Before writing a line, close your eyes and think: “How would you really talk / say about the line?


Once you've written your entire blog post, simply read your content out loud, put on your readers' shoes, and make sure the content resonates and has a conversation, as if you were speaking one on one.


Add a personal taste

A relaxed approach alone may not be enough. Most bloggers have now adopted a conversational blogging style. You have to stand out.


You need to add a personal touch to your blog content in the form of personal stories, experiences, and updates. When discussing a topic in your post, consider whether there are stories or experiences on the topic.


Did you buy a new pet or device? Look for an opportunity to share it with your audience. Did a real event happen to you? Analyze how it fits into your content.


Any story from movies, TV shows, songs, etc. celebrities that are likely to please your audience. Imagine sitting with your best friend and explaining what you are writing about.


Buffer had 300% more people read its content by telling stories.


Present and connect with other people

If you're writing on a topic that other popular people have responded to, quote it.


If there are relevant case studies or statistics from other bloggers, extract facts and figures from them. Feature them in your posts along with a link to them.


This is how Neil Patel does this. 

Neil Patel Facts

Intelligent boy!


He's getting more human, he's focusing on building a personal brand.


Personal options boxes

Smart people are always inclined to look for ways to humanize themselves.


Neil optin-box

In addition to the image of him, notice how Neil also conveyed the emotions (for people only) to attract more people by clicking on the call to action. He makes people overcome the syndrome of blindness.


All the call banners on his blog are strategically customized.


Let them jump out of a trance

Do you know something? When you watch television, watch the computer, and even read something, your readers gradually enter a hypnotic trance state, where they passively welcome all things.


The state before sleeping.


As they continue to read your content, they feel happy with you (the author), sad with you, and respond based on your content.


When something goes wrong, they fall asleep on your couch.


Don't let the same happen to your readers.


Most of the best-selling writers know the little-known strategy of engaging your audience and getting them to read to the end. The same strategies (questions, stories, fun, humor) that wise teachers used to elicit in teaching history.


Add personality elements

There are some aspects and elements of the project that you should add to your blog to make it more personal.