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You want to increase website traffic, increase sales and turn your brand into a digital superstar.

Of course it is not easy!

But there are some digital marketing tools that make the task easier and faster.

SEMrush ranks first among these digital marketing tools. And it is loved by millions of bloggers, marketers and agencies around the world.

This post will give you an insight into SEMrush's features and pricing and whether it is a great tool for you or now.

In simpler terms, it is an online market research solution.

Today, SEMrush is a digital marketing package that contains many features to meet your SEO, PPC, content marketing and social media needs.

In addition, SEMrush is a reference tool for competitor analysis.

Learn about your competitors and their digital strategies; do what they do, do better than them.


SEMrush vs. free digital marketing tools

SEMrush comes at a price. See SEMrush pricing below.

One of the most frequently asked questions people ask is why pay for this when there are free digital marketing tools in the market.

The answer is quite simple ... 

First, there aren't many free digital marketing tools. And for those who are free, their "free plan" is extremely simple and limited. They usually offer a free plan to get you involved in their premium plans.

Second, there is hardly a free tool that offers so many functions under one roof.

As you will see below, SEMrush contains built-in functions. It really makes it easier and more efficient to manage your business's online presence and performance. 

So instead of investing in individual keyword research tools, backlink analysis tools, premium analytics, social media planner and more, SEMrush offers them all in one place at a much more affordable price. 

There are also no tools, including premium tools, that have such a large database, regular updates and good support as SEMrush. 

SEMrush is much better than many paid tools, much less free. 

That's why free tools are good if you're a freelance or casual marketer. But you have to be premium to get more features if you want to get serious results. 

But with all that said, is SEMrush the way to "go premium"? Is it worth your money? 

The (many) characteristics of SEMrush.

If there's one thing that this tool isn't, it's humble. 

There are too many SEMrush functions. They are basically divided into five sets:

  • SEO toolkit
  • Advertising toolset 
  • Social Media Toolkit 
  • Content Marketing Toolkit 
  • Competitive research toolkit

Unless you run a large agency, manage too many busy sites, or are a mad scientist, of course, you don't need all of these tools at once. Let's take a quick look at these SEMrush features to better understand what it works with: (A) Tools (B) Analysis Reports (C) Projects.

  • Tools
  • Keyword difficulty

It would be hard for me to rank this post higher for the "SEMrush review" because it's a bit generic and many top names are already targeting this keyword. 

But on the other hand, a higher ranking for queries like " review", "SEMrush review" and "SEMrush tool review" would be relatively easier because they are not too common or competitive. 

Now I make these guesses entirely on my intuition. But it is not necessary. This is where SEMrush's keyword difficulties help you.


SEMrush 2020 review - price, features of this digital marketing tool 

The keyword trouble tool predicts how easily. 

Enter your starting keyword and the tool will generate over 2 million keyword ideas.

Export these keywords to various SEMrush tools, such as Keyword Analyzer and Position Tracking. 

SEMrush Magic Tool is a powerful tool to create more options in your organic and paid campaigns. 

It helps you find the most suitable keywords for your campaigns that will increase traffic.


CPC card

Planning advertising campaigns is not easy. You put your money in - it should * give you a good return on investment. 

Google Ads Editor and Wordstream are, of course, the two best PPC tools. (At least in my opinion!) But SEMrush CPC Map does a good job, especially with A / B testing.


SEMrush Review 2020 

The tool provides a CPC estimate based on different niches and regions. 

It helps to compare the price by. Click on search volume to find high reward keywords. 

It offers many ideas for running experiments and splitting tests to improve your campaigns. 

Plus, with CPC Map you can even get insights on local competition to decide whether you really need to invest in PPC or choose SEO. 

For example, if the competition is high, which means a higher CPC, it may be better to stick with SEO. However, if the CPC is low or moderate, then PPC can be a good bet for ROI. 

The tool can help you significantly optimize your advertising spend.


SEO writing assistant

As a blogger and content marketer, this is probably one of the SEMrush tools of choice. (Ironically, this is far from being known by SEMrush, it was only added recently.) 

SEO Writing Assistant is, as the name suggests, your assistant for writing SEO-friendly content.


SEMrush Review 2020 

Yes, it is not always accurate and there is still a lot of room for improvement. But it does a pretty good job. 

Mainly, it ensures that your content is easy to read with a readability score. Check for plagiarism. 

Helps maintain the same desired tone in your content to create consistency. 

And above all, my favorite, it helps to optimize your content with keywords. 

Recommends primary, secondary, and LSI keywords to you. Give a keyword stuffing warning. It also warns of broken links in the lyrics. 

SEMrush's SEO writing tool is available as a Google Docs plug-in. It also has a WordPress plugin. 

NOTE: If you're really looking for a solid writing assistant, grammar is probably the way to go here. Try Grammar for free or read the Grammar Check by a Professional Copywriter. 

  • Analytical reports
  • Organic research

"Copy Your Competitors" - Some may find it unethical, others think it's one of the best tips for digital marketing. 

No matter which side of the rope you are on, SEMrush's organic research tool will help you with that.


SEMrush 2020 Review - Price, Features of This Digital Marketing Tool

First, it helps you find new competitors. 

Know who you are playing with on the court; fighting for the piece of cake; you have to hit to get to the top. 

Then see which keywords drive the most traffic to your competitors; which keywords helped them get into the top 20 of Google. 

Also, estimate the value of these keywords by comparing them against various performance indicators, such as traffic and search volume. 

Third, track the location of your competitors (and your own domain). See how your site is performing in SERPs once you've optimized it for better specific keywords. Observe and improve.


SEMrush Review 2020 

Use the SEMrush organic research tool to strategically and effectively rank your competitors in the SERP.


Advertising research

Just because you create a good paid search ad campaign doesn't mean it performs well. 

After all, paid advertising is extremely competitive (and way too expensive) these days. You need to outperform other companies. 

SEMrush's advertising research tool is a lifesaver here.


SEMrush Review 


The backlink is one of the two most important factors in search ranking (content is the other). 

Hence, having a complete link building strategy is nothing short of important. 

And this is where the SEMrush backlink tool comes in. It's a regular backlink checker with a few extra features (which you may not necessarily use).


SEMrush 2020 review - price, features of this digital marketing tool 

The tool helps you perform a deep link analysis, FROM checking the inbound links and geographic location of the referring domain, TO finding the anchor texts, and knowing the type of backlink (doFollow or noFollow) 

It also helps you identify incoming backlink quality through various variables. 

This is extremely important nowadays when the quality of backlinks is more important than the quantity. 

So if you get a backlink from sources that look like spam, you can check it and then decline it.


SEMrush 2020 review - price, features of this digital marketing tool 

With the SEMrush backlinks tool, the strategic part of link building becomes much easier.


Keyword research

This is a typical keyword research tool with a few extra features and a lot of data. 

First, of course, it helps you find better keywords for your site and ad campaigns, including exact search terms, related keywords, and long tail keywords. 

The good thing is that with these keywords you also get a lot of other information. 

In addition to general things like search volume, CPC, and result count, you'll learn about trends for specific keywords, ad text for each query, and who is ranked (your landing pages) for those keywords.


SEMrush 2020 review - price, features of this digital marketing tool 

In addition, the SEMrush Keyword Research tool helps you find regional and multilingual keywords thanks to its extensive databases in 16 languages ​​and 26 countries.


Product advertisements

An engaging and simple report of SEMrush ads with product listings for ecommerce players. 

Helps boost your Google Shopping campaigns through your valuable PLA data.


SEMrush 2020 review - price, features of this digital marketing tool 

First, identify your Google Shopping competitors and then use the tool to perform a competitive analysis of them. 

Find out what keywords you have in common with your rivals, what keywords trigger your PLAs in paid search, where they rank in SERPs, what your top performing PLAs are, and other insights. 

Once you have enough information about your competitors, what works and what doesn't, it's time to improve your own listing. 

Optimize your landing page, reuse your product title / description with keywords with better results and adjust your prices. 

And with the SEMrush Product Listing Ads report, you'll outperform other retailers and take your e-commerce business to the next level.


Traffic analysis

Your main competitors are getting more visitors than you. But how much "more"? How much do you have to do to overcome them? 

SEMrush Traffic Analytics is here to help you optimize your digital marketing strategy through defined information about your competitors' web traffic.


SEMrush 2020 review - price, features of this digital marketing tool 

Know the online traffic and performance of each site. Includes search volume, traffic sources, top pages, desktop and mobile traffic, location-based performance and more. 

Monitor your most important statistics and various other marketing activities. 

In addition to competitive analytics, SEMrush Traffic Analytics is also great for discovering various partnership, investment and growth opportunities. 

Before entering into any partnership or other arrangement, you should know the other party better. Track your subdomains, target audience overlay maps, growth trends, engagement and more. 

With a few clicks, you can collect for you a data set that intelligently collects information about your competitors, customers, partners or others.


SEMrush 2020 review - price, features of this digital marketing tool 

Make informed decisions and run your business effectively.

Overall, the SEO analytics reports are pretty thorough - great for improving your site and increasing its ranking.


Tracker for social media

Marketing on social media is not easy - this tool tries to do that. 

While it provides sufficient data to help you make an informed decision, do not expect much from this. 

SEMrush Social Media Tracker is a basic tool that enables you to track competitors' data and make improvements to your own social media strategy.


SEMrush Review 

Track your competitors' performance on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest. 

See their number of followers, comments, and engagement rates for posts, publication trends, and more.

If you know what works for your competitors, you can incorporate it into your own strategy. 

SEMrush Social Media Tracker also generates a custom, easy-to-understand PDF report with a brand that is perfect for communicating with your customers and team members. 

Poster for social media

This feature alone has helped SEMrush break the original scale of "best SEO tool" to become the ultimate digital marketing tool. 

SEMrush Social Media Poster gives you a centralized dashboard to manage all your major social media platforms under one roof.


SEMrush Review

First connect your profiles. And then start posting to everyone from a single tab, individually or together. Schedule them all at once and save hours on your time each week. 

The tool will also suggest what to write on, based on your audience activity. Not very accurate, but quite a feature. 

It also has a standard built-in photo editor. Use it to edit images before sending / scheduling them. 

SEMrush Social Media Poster has great analytics that help you analyze your performance such as number of likes, engagement rate, audience growth and more. It's an extension for your Chrome that, once installed, makes posting / scheduling articles on your social profiles hassle-free. 

Select the text on any page, right click and post / plan. 

This is especially useful if you are trying to build a personal brand. You can keep your audience engaged by sharing articles and quotes that you use and find interesting.


SEMrush Review 

But it offers enough features and a decent interface that makes it functional and adequate.


Fire surveillance

A few months ago I mentioned in one of my posts Larry Kim (founder of WordStream and CEO of MobileMonkey) and linked it to his Twitter. 

A few days ago he contacted me and asked to link his new place instead of Twitter ...


SEMrush Review 2020 -

Of course I did! 

Now, I'm not sure how he found my article, or what tool he uses, but that's what the SEMrush Brand Monitoring tool does. 

It helps you to track your brand publicity on the Internet and thus analyze your reputation.


SEMrush Review 2020 -

Find out who mentioned your brand name and what they say about you. 

This locks you in for many opportunities - getting backlinks, for collaboration, for affiliate marketing and more. 

In addition, you can analyze the brand reviews for negative reviews, bad feedback and diss. After this, you can exceed your PR efforts to handle it effectively and increase your reputation. 

You can also sort your fire lists based on sources, dates and segmented tags.


SEMrush Review 2020 - Price, Features of This Digital Marketing Tool 

In addition, SEMrush, as usual, also provides the opportunity to track your competitors' brand reputation. Gain insight from market leaders and improve your own branding strategy.


SEO control on the page

There are more than 200 Google ranking factors. It is a tedious task to check how your site meets these factors manually. 

SEMrush On Page SEO Checker automates it, making it easier and faster.


SEMrush Review 2020 - Price, Features of This Digital Marketing 

The tool traverses backlinks through 45 toxic markers to identify which are good and which are bad. 

To get rid of bad backlinks, you can turn to specific website owners. In your review, SEMrush also returns with the email address of these site owners for your convenience. 

If the backlinks are potentially fatal to your ranking, it is best to reject them. 

Export the list of all highly toxic backlinks and upload it to Google's Disavow tool. Like you quickly remove all the bad quality backlinks.


SEMrush 2020 Review - Price, Features of This Digital Marketing Tool 

The SEMrush Backlink Audit tool also performs an automatic assessment every two weeks to check the status of your backlinks and collect data on how many new backlinks you have recently obtained, how many backlinks you have lost, and which links have been broken. 

If your site is at risk due to poor backlink quality, you will be notified by email. 

In short, in addition to the basic offering, the toxic score is a great feature in a typical SEMrush backlink auditing tool.


Information about organic traffic

Understand your organic traffic to get rid of the things that aren't working and focus more on the things that give you the most value.


SEMrush 2020 Review - Price, Features of This Digital Marketing Tool 

Find out the keywords your pages are indexed for, the amount of traffic those keywords are driving to, and the pages and the amount of conversion they're getting. 

With such details, you can easily optimize your landing pages for high-traffic, low-competition keywords that already work so you get better results faster.


SEMrush 2020 Review - Price, Features of This Digital Marketing Tool 

The SEMrush Organic Traffic Insights tool gives you all the correct data. 

Then double your forces; focus on things that are already working in your favor.


Content analyzer

In fact, the quality of the content is the most important part of your digital presence. 

Get it wrong, and no matter how much money and effort you put into your campaigns, the writing will hang on the wall; Ultimately, it will fail in the long run. 

The SEMrush Content Analyzer tool is a great addition to the package allowing you to assess the quality of your content.


SEMrush 2020 Review - Price, Features of This Digital Marketing Tool 

Of course "quality" is quite subjective and differs for different people. 

But there are some metrics that will give you a pretty good idea of ​​whether the quality of your content was good (and if your audience liked it) or not ... 

Metrics such as session duration, number of sessions, bounce rate, number of times content is shared, and number of backlinks. 

The SEMrush Content Analyzer tool monitors your content and brings all these statistics together under one roof. 

It also helps you to track content performance on SERP and social media channels. 

Additionally, you can use the tool to perform content analysis in parallel. 

This is useful for answering important questions like which articles / topics work best for you, which platform your content works best on, and more.


SEMrush 2020 Review - Price, Features of This Digital Marketing Tool 

You can see all the data to know the quality of your content. You can then further improve and optimize the articles and web pages.


PPC key tool

Running successful PPC campaigns is quite difficult. There is a lot of dynamism. 

Plus, choosing your set of winning keywords is about much more than searching for your keyword research tool. 

The SEMrush PPC keyword tool looks very promising and offers some cool features that will make your campaigns very rewarding.


SEMrush 2020 Review - Price, Features of This Digital Marketing Tool 

First, you can create a long list of suitable keywords. 

Collect keywords from all different sources under one roof, Combine these keywords to find a combination of new keywords. 

You can then optimize this list based on CPC, search volume, difficulty, and other variables.


SEMrush prices

This is an important question ... How much does SEMrush cost? 

Well first of all, this all-in-one digital marketing tool is not free. 

However, they have made a proper planning to ensure that there is something for every need. 

SEMrush is available in four different plans: 

  • Professional
  • Guru
  • Business

SEMrush 2020 review - price, features of this digital marketing tool 

SEMrush Pro Plan is ideal for individuals: marketers, freelancers and startups. It costs $ 99.95 per. Month. It costs $ 199.95 per. Month. 

SEMrush's business plan is for larger companies. Such as e-commerce brands, agencies that have multiple clients and generally companies whose income is highly dependent on their web performance. It costs $ 399.95 per person. Month. 

And then there’s the SEMrush Enterprise plan. It is suitable for large organizations that need a tailored digital marketing solution with unlimited possibilities and the most powerful features. Depending on your requirements, the price of this plan varies. Next, connect to SEMrush and request a price catalog. 

All plans include the basic and advanced features that suit most of us.


SEMrush 2020 review - price, features of this digital marketing tool 

Below is a parallel function comparison of the three plans


SEMrush 2020 review - price, features of this digital marketing tool 

One point to remember is that you can always upgrade and downgrade your plan. 

So it is a good idea to start with the basic plan, grab the tool and then upgrade based on your needs and requirements. 

Do not dive blindly into the business or business plan just because you can afford it.

Before making a financial commitment, try SEMrush Pro or Guru Plan Trial for free. Use first and then decide. 

Try the 7-day trial of SEMrush Pro for free Try the 7-day trial of SEMrush Guru for free


Advantages and disadvantages of SEMrush

If you have looked at the above SEMrush features, you must have come across many professionals. But it also has some drawbacks.

Here is an overview of all its advantages and disadvantages ...



  • The widest range of tools / features 
  • Large amount of data 
  • The best competitive analysis tool 
  • Clean and organized interface 
  • Flexible pricing 
  • Fast and reliable support 
  • Enough manuals and documents for troubleshooting


Too many features some are unnecessary and you can never use them.


Data are not always accurate 

Long learning curve it takes time to understand how to use SEMrush effectively.

How can SEMrush help you?

Digital marketing is no longer a game of chance. 

At a time when competition is fierce in almost every industry, every penny has to be reckoned with. 

Therefore, your SEO, content marketing, PPC and social media marketing efforts need to be optimized to achieve more on less. 

They need to be improved to achieve a higher return on investment. 

And this "improvement" is only possible through intelligent analysis and valuable data. 

Because as I said, digital marketing is no longer an unpredictable game. Decisions must be informed and thought through. 

SEMrush is a good tool for digital marketing. 

It can help you improve website traffic, generate more leads, get higher conversion rates from your PPC campaigns, increase revenue, and build stronger brand equity. 

In general, SEMrush can be contacted in two ways. 

Learn about your successful competitors - what works for them and what does not work. And just copy your ingredients for success in your own marketing strategy. 

As a 360 tool, SEMrush can seamlessly help you reach your digital goals. 

Millions of people use it despite the slightly higher price, and there is a reason for it.


Watch this 2-minute SEMrush success story video: 

Are you going to invest in SEMrush?

This is an important question.

need a digital marketing tool SEMrush? 

The answer is, of course, subjective. 

For example, if you are a blogger, freelancer and marketer who spends time. 

They analyze the first 100 organic results for each keyword. 

Once the data is collected, it is classified into different segments, from volume and CPC to trends and niches. 

SEMrush has a very robust infrastructure capable of discovering millions of new keyword ideas and collecting massive data daily from a variety of sources. 

The database is growing very fast.

(iii) Is SEMrush free?

No, but you can test your plans for a few weeks before making a financial commitment. 

So even if you're not sure if SEMrush is worth it, you can try the free trial version to understand its "value." If you want, you can register. If not, here is a new product just for you!


SEMrush pricing:

  • Pro: $ 99.95 / month
  • Guru: $ 199.95 / month
  • Business: $ 399.95 / month 

Company: available upon request.

(iv) Is SEMrush accurate?

Not always. 

When it comes to estimating organic traffic, the tool is not very accurate. If you compare it to Google Analytics data, you will see a difference. 

And this is a story about almost any digital marketing tool. 

After all, estimating organic traffic is more of a gamble because it depends on many variables ranging from the number of keyword searches to the site location of individual keywords to the number of clicks the site receives in the SERP. 

So you can't always use data from SEMrush and other tool like Ahref for the first time. Many of the numbers you see are "estimates" to give you an idea of ​​how things are. 

(v) Is SEMrush the best?

I have tried SpyFu. It's okay. 

What I liked the most about Raven Tools. It is primarily for busy marketing agencies or marketers dealing with many clients. 

Honestly, if SEMrush is the best, it's pretty subjective. 

If you ask someone who has been using it for a while, you will get a "yes". But if you ask someone who uses another marketing tool, the answer would be "no." 

Also, a lot also depends on how you are going to use SEMrush. Some features are extremely good, others not so good. 

So the answer is something you will have to find here. 

(vi) How often is SEMrush updated?

The database with millions of keywords is updated at least once a month. 

The refresh rate for popular and highly specific keywords is much faster.

Here's an infographic from SEMrush on the refresh cycle for your domain and keyword analysis:

SEMrush 2019 Review - Price, Features of This Digital Marketing Tool 

(vii) How do I use SEMrush for free?

As mentioned above, the tool comes at a price. Therefore, you cannot use SEMrush for free. Unless someone gives you their username and password. 

However, you can use SEMrush for free during the trial period. Follow the link ... 

Try SEMrush for free. 

(viii) SEMrush, how is it used?

Well, how SEMrush works is something you have to find out for yourself. 

Generally, you start by creating an account. Then enter the URL of the site you want to analyze. 

The tool spits out a set of data. 

Visualize the data according to your needs and incorporate it into your own digital marketing strategy. 

Since SEMrush offers many features, it has a long learning curve. That means you need some time to grab it and use it effectively. 

But if SEMrush has a pretty neat board and lots of DIY tutorials, the learning process would be quite useful and enjoyable.