How To Make Money Blogging (The Practical Guide for 2021)

If you are asking one of the above questions, you have come to the right place. In this mega-guide to making money by blogging you will learn all the things that get started. I also shared paid screenshots of some revenue streams to give you a bigger picture.


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A few years ago, blogging was just another hobby that some people do, besides full-time work. Blogs still work that way today, but a lot has changed.


Before we learn the different ways to make blogs, let's look at the possibility:


How Much Money You Make With A Blog?

As with any profession (doctor, lawyer, financial advisor), there are different levels of blogging that generate between $ 1000 and $ 2 million a year.


The chart above is the revenue of In 2009, I only started earning $ 434 / month, and now this blog is earning over $ 30,000 / month.

The amount of money you can make depends on a few factors, such as:


Which niche do you choose?

What digital marketing techniques do you implement?

There are several other factors like cohesion, your network, personal motivation and goals that also contribute a lot.


Your unique niches and digital marketing skills can help you get into the blogging field quickly.


You can check out other articles to learn more about thinking and motivation, but in this guide, we only focus on raising money on the blog.


To make things easier for you, I have answered many frequently asked questions about blogging at the end of this guide.


How bloggers make money (different sources of income)

There are several ways you can monetize your blog. Depending on your level of blogging and blog type, you can choose the right method for your style. Check out the end of this article on the answers to many important questions from bloggers like you. 

Ways to make money on your blog


Ads like AdSense,

Direct ads

Affiliate marketing

Original advertising

Paid reviews / sponsored posts

Sell ​​digital products (e-books, drawings)

Start an online course

Offer online advice

Offer services based on your skills

In addition to traditional forms of advertising, you can work on other tricks to earn. Instead of just adding ads, try adding value to your advertiser.


Here is a detailed site on how to earn blogging in 2021. This master class will help you learn about the different phases of blogging:

It's better to have a high paying ad than four low paying ads.

Ad network: (beginners)

There are advertising networks that are the easiest and most used method to make money on a blog.


The two most popular advertising networks are: 

Google AdSense (provided by Google)

You need a blog to get approval from these advertising networks. They automatically show ads based on the context of your article and also on the users' interest. Most new blogs use these methods to raise money because they provide recurring income. As the ads shown are of high quality, they do not affect the user experience.


If your blog has less than 300 visits a day, there are other advertising networks listed here that you can use. However, your goal is to be approved by AdSense or as soon as possible.


The following screenshot is from my AdSense account to give you a clear idea of ​​your income:



If you use contextual ads and do not believe enough, try switching to direct ads or related ads.


Affiliate Marketing: (Most Profitable Method): Intermediate + Advanced

Affiliate ads are one of the best ways to make money because a sale makes you a lot more money than clicking on a contextual ad.


It is something that most bloggers use today and one of the most profitable ways to make money.

All you have to do is pick a theme, compile an e-book on this topic and sell it on your blog or on Amazon. Once you get used to this process, you can make decent money by selling e-books online.


Selling your own product is also the best thing you can do to generate passive income.


Brain (high quality built-in ads)


AdSense (AdSense also offers native ads)

5. Start an online course (member site): Advanced

Can you convert your textbook to video format?

Can you add checklist and downloadable templates?

Can you do a 1-2 hour video course?

If your answer is yes, this method is definitely for you. Technology makes it easy for anyone to start an online course, and if you offer the unique course, your chances of reaching the $ 1 million goal are very high.


Sell ​​this online course. Here is a screenshot from ShoutUniversity where you can get to know WordPress, Affiliate marketing and AdSense just by watching videos. 

You can use platforms such as: 

LearnDash (WordPress)



To create and sell your online course.


Direct advertising (intermediate)

AdSense is certainly the best advertising program for bloggers, but it has some limitations. The biggest limitation is the amount you pay. Click on.


If you succeed in getting direct ads, replace those AdSense ad units with direct ads.


The best way to get started with direct advertising is to try different networks and add a page to your blog called "Media or Ads With Us" to receive new offers.

You can also use a plugin like WPAdvancedAds to manage your ads.


The best way to do this is to create a professional email address like with Google Apps.



You can configure this with Hubspot's free CRM and it will improve your workflow.


Here are some articles to check:

Top 5 Tips for Finding Direct Ads on Your Blog

Sponsored reviews (all levels)

Paid reviews are a great way to increase your monthly income. You can quickly earn $ 10 or more with a little review. I personally earn at least $ 1200 for each review.


When paying for reviews, there are a few things to keep in mind:


Paid review: Good, bad or ugly

Are you going to make a paid review or a free review?

Here are some pages where you can find paid reviews / sponsored content options:


Famebit (for YouTube channels)

Izea Betal pr. Mail


Annoying content

Run a campaign for brands: (medium and advanced)

This is perfect for any type of blog with an established audience. You can help brands reach their target audience through the campaign for them. For this you create brand collaboration, run websites, even pay for commercials or make videos.


You will see that more and more blogs are doing this with different brands. Check out this guy because it's already becoming one of the hottest ways to monetize a blog.



You can offer different services based on your skills. Depending on what you are good at, you can write content, create logos, offer SEO and more.


Previously, I used WordPress, SEO and hosting related services. By offering services, you can not only raise money but also get more useful cases that will help you improve your skills. I had a time where I only made over $ 2000 / month offering services.


In fact, starting your own services is quite easy. Just create a page on your blog and list the services you offer. Be sure to include the link to that page in your blog navigation and recommended space for maximum visibility.


Make it easy for your audience to contact you and learn more about your services. Dealing with your first 2-3 customers will give you comprehensive ideas to improve the sales process for your services. In fact, you can automate things like payment and tracking.


Can You Blog About Your Life And Make Money From Blogging?

This is another growing form of blogging where many people talk about their daily lives and create a community around them. Maybe as a video blogger you have seen it a lot on YouTube and you can do the same on the blog or even on YouTube. 

Some of the popular topics for these types of blogs are: 



A trip



The key here is to distract yourself, add value and create a community around your brand. Depending on your style and consistency can with this.

As the Internet area has matured, there are now more opportunities to make money from blogging. The only thing is, you have to be consistent for almost a year before you start making decent money to quit your job or start planning your blogging life.


What do I need to blog to raise money?

If you don't want to blog about your life and are wondering what the top viewed blogging income topic is, here are four factors to consider.


Passion: things that you already have a passion for or are interested in. This doesn't have to be something you learn in academia or in the workplace, but it can be as simple as something that your friends, family, and others call you for feedback. For example, cars, food, economy, travel. Take a pen and a sheet of paper and label it a "List of Passions." Now write down all the topics that you think interest you and that you can blog about.

Traffic and Trending - You want to make sure there is decent traffic and interest in the topic that you discovered when building your list of passions. The trends give you an idea of ​​whether this topic is growing or dying. is a free tool that can measure traffic trends for any topic.

Income Creation - The third factor that helps you find a profitable blogging idea is the income creation opportunity. You need to see how you plan to make money through your blog. Will it be an ad network like AdSense or will it be affiliate marketing? To give you perspective, as a topic is and you may be passionate about it, the revenue is not generating. Even with many visitors, making money is pointless.

Competition: This is the last factor, but not the least. When you enter a competitive niche, you will find it difficult to stand out and also outperform the existing big players. I don't want to demotivate you, but if you can choose between 2-3 topics, choose one with medium or low proficiency. If you finally choose a broader niche, say fashion, in a competitive niche, it will take you a few more months to reach it. So you have to consider this when looking at the competition.

I suggest you explore more articles to get a clear idea of ​​niche download.


How do you get payment for the Blog?

Your advertisers may be located in another part of the world and there are 5 popular ways you can get paid around the world. These are also popular forms of payment from these companies.

  • PayPal
  • Payoneer
  • To transfer
  • Bank transfer (your bank)
  • CoinBase (crypto payment)

Once you start making money, it is a good idea to have an account on all of the above websites where you can receive payments. Everyone can easily join and join.