19 Best Fashion Blogs In India Worth reading

It doesn’t matter if you are a freelancer, an internet designer, a housewife or a student; If you want to improve your lifestyle, take the time to update your fashion.


Being normal is always boring, and the pleasure of dressing up really is an art.


Want more style? There are two ways: Hire a professional fashion designer or do it yourself.


Unless you’re a celebrity or born with a golden spoon, you can’t afford most fashion designers. I know no one wants to start with a designer because most of us just can’t afford it, so it gives us the choice of DIY (do it yourself).


So if you are looking for easy ways and ideas to get more fashionable, I highly recommend following the best fashion blogs in India in 2021 which I will cover in this post.


They not only help you learn how best to wear what you have, or they help you look more confident beyond your outfit or lifestyle. We all know that you automatically feel comfortable wearing the right outfit. And who wouldn’t want to be more elegant, more confident and have a familiar look?


19 best Indian fashion blogs from top fashion bloggers


Akanksha Redhu

Who runs this blog?


As the blog domain says, Akanksha Redhu owns this blog and launched it in 2010 where he shared lifestyles and fashion tips.


Why do you have to continue?


The blog mainly deals with posts that range from fashion to beauty to food. She talks not only about the best clothes to wear, but also about what kind of jewelry and accessories she should wear.


Basically, Akanksha helps you to be more elegant, more fashionable and wear amazing costumes without spending a lot of money. It is the perfect destination for all fashion users to improve their lifestyle.


the glaze on the cake

Who runs this blog?


Sayantini is the owner of Cherry On Top, a beauty and lifestyle blog that started this blog in January 2013.


She continues to try a variety of skin care products up to makeup, giving you the best advice on fashion and beauty.


Why do you have to continue?


Makeup and beauty issues are the reason why you should read her blog as it deals with a lot of beauty and fashion tips that you can use before spending money on specific beauty products.


If you are looking for the one-stop Indian fashion blog that deals with everything from beauty to fashion to skin care, be sure to visit Cherry above.


Without innocent vanity

Who runs this blog?


Anshita Juneja, a blogger from Delhi, is the founder of this blog. This was launched in 2010 and over the last 5 years it has made this blog a hero from scratch and this blog has over 25,000 followers on social networks.


Why read?


You get the latest reviews on the fashion products you would like to wear so that you can save money before investing in fashion products.


This blog has a browser that will help you find better answers to all your fashion questions. It also breaks down all the famous products so that you can try them yourself and look stylish.



Who runs this blog?


The blog is managed by Purushu and was created in 2009 to document her journey as a fashion designer while studying at NIFT New Delhi.


Why do you have to keep going?


Purushu is not only the fashion collaborator of The Hindu, but he is also named after some of the celebrities like Marc Jacobs.


The blog is a must for fashionistas who want to look beautiful without spending a lot of money on their costumes.


Purushus ’expertise in fashion illustrations, curtains, creative patterns, clothing, costume history and fashion inspires you to become more fashionable.


A quick note: looking for this post, I ended up with annoying blogs that don’t have good fashion or lifestyle guides. And more importantly, there are fewer male Indian fashion bloggers who have excellent tutorials. In fact, Purushu is the only men’s blog I’ve dealt with through this post, so you may know how little competition there is. So if you’re a man and want to create a fashion blog, there’s no better time than this!


Guilty bytes

Who runs this blog?


Devina Malhotra, a blog from Punjab, mainly about the latest fashion trends. This is a trendy blog in the Indian fashion industry with over 60,000 followers on Facebook.


Why do you have to keep going?


If you want a new hairstyle to improve your confidence or if you want to try the latest fashion trends to buy.

This is a fashion, beauty, food and travel blog that focuses on the latest fashion trends and enhances your lifestyle.


If you want to get the beautiful and trendy ideas in fun and stylish writing tone, you should definitely subscribe to her blog for the latest updates on Indian fashion trends.


Shalini Mehta

Who runs the blog?

She has extensive experience in fashion, style, film, television, etc.


Who should read it?

If you want to follow quality content related to fashion and style, you should definitely check out this blog as their main content marketing strategy is what I also mean is "content is king".


Snobby Magazine

Who runs the blog?


Aashna Shroff, a blogger from Mumbai, runs this amazing blog. On this blog, she covers everything from fashion to beauty to lifestyle tips.


Who should follow this blog?


It is exclusive to fashion and lifestyle enthusiasts looking for information and advice and updates on lifestyle and fashion.


He also often shares his travel diaries so you can refresh your mind and have new travel ideas as well.


Inkita style

Who runs the blog?


Manvi Gandotra is the owner of StyleInked.com, which launched in 2012 and has quickly become a fashion resource for most fashion users.


Who should follow this blog?


This blog is your personal guide to fashion trends in India. One of the things I like about this blog is that it has a separate page called "DIY Projects" where all the self-help guides are discussed in detail.


Manvi also has many years of experience in the fashion industry and is a fashion designer herself, so you get the competent guides on fashion.


Beauty n Best

Who runs the blog?


Shreya runs this blog, which mainly looks at all your stylish and beautiful needs.


Her blog is a popular destination for most people seeking beauty, fashion, and skincare advice.


Who should read Shreya's blog?


If she is looking for her daily dosage tips, this blog is for you.


This blog not only covers everything related to fashion, design and lifestyle, but also covers competent reviews on big leading brands where you can find honest reviews.



Who runs the blog?


Tashiara, a blogger from Delhi, runs the blog, which has quickly become a resource for girls, boys and women.


Why should you go on?


Tashiara is her personal guide to keeping up with the latest fashion trends, fashion styles, amazing ideas and tips for the latest fashions, DIY tools, methods, and much more.


Switch to Tashiara and you will not only admire all the fashion tutorials you will see, but you will also love her work.


13. The shopping calendar

Who runs the blog?


Nitika Bhatia is the blogger behind this great blog. Nitika has been a fashion and lifestyle blogger since 2011 and is also a social media strategist.


She is also an MBA and digital marketing strategist by profession, and shares some of the best fashion tips on her blog called The Shopaholic Diaries.


Why should you go on?

She also has a YouTube channel where you can find all the tutorial videos on fashion and lifestyle, and on her blog she mainly shares her life experiences, fashion trends, shopping tips and tricks, personal style, gifts, etc.


Sayeri Diary

Who runs the blog?


Sayeri is a West Bengal mother and fashion blogger and is the founder of this amazing and best Indian fashion blog mainly dealing with fashion, lifestyle, marriage advice, movie themes, etc.


She has also been featured as a prominent Indian fashion blogger on Feedspot, sharing personal fashion and beauty tips with her audience.


Why should you go on?


Sayeri likes to write reviews on various beauty and fashion related products, including skincare, makeup, etc.


Another great reason to follow her blog is that she also shares movie reviews (in English, Indian and Bengali) along with advice on motherhood etc.


New Love - Makeup

Who runs the blog?


Bhumika Thakkar runs this great Indian blog called New Love Makeup. She is a 29-year-old Chartered Accountant (CA), company secretary, and certified CFO in the training field.


Why should you go on?

Vogue is the only exception to this list.


She's not from India, but the Vogue Fashion India blog is a must-read for anyone who wants to keep up with the latest fashion updates and live a luxurious lifestyle. Here is a blog with various authors.


Why do you have to continue?


Vogue India is primarily a fashion and lifestyle magazine covering a wide range of topics including fashion, beauty, culture, life, etc.



Who runs the blog?


Corallista is one of the largest makeup and beauty blogs in India read by thousands of people around the world.


Ankita is the author and editor of this amazing blog and is also a graduate of IIT Bombay.


Why do you have to continue?


At Corallista you will find many helpful reviews on makeup, occasional skin and hair care, as well as body care products.


In addition, you will also discover a wide range of makeup tutorials, styles, celebrity makeup sections, etc.


Peaches and blush

Who runs the blog?


Peaches & Blush is run by blogger Mehak Sagar who is also an entrepreneur and also the founder of another great blog called Wed Me Good.


He also has a Tedx Talk about changing career paths, and his Peaches & Blush blog has been featured on major platforms such as Femina, Cosmopolitan Magazine.


She has also been named one of the 5 most influential bloggers in Delhi by HT City.


Why do you have to continue?


These are some of the topics covered in this blog: 



Travel and lifestyle

Health and beauty related product reviews

Bridal blog

For the most part it also has an exclusive YouTube channel where you can find many makeup, beauty and lifestyle tutorials that make it one of the most sought after Indian blogs.


Elan Street

Who runs the blog?


Elan Street is run by several people where you can get advice from renowned stylists, take advantage of their own advice on shopping, wedding style, fashion advice and more.


Why do you have to continue?


For the latest personalized and personalized fashion products and style tips, Elan Street is the right blog to follow.


It is considered one of the best streetwear in India with thousands of followers on social websites such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


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How do most fashion bloggers make money from their blogs?

This is an interesting question and one of the most common. So we try to include it in a separate section here to help you get the best answer.


Most bloggers make money from their blogs in a variety of ways, from:


Affiliate marketing

Events (edit)

Fire associations


Sponsored content

Let's talk briefly about each of them so that you have an even better understanding of how most people make money from their blogs.


Affiliate marketing


Almost all of the above blogs use affiliate links in their blog posts to link directly to the products they use or recommend (such as clothing, accessories, tools and products, etc.).


There are also bloggers who wear custom clothing or accessories and post them on websites like Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, etc. along with affiliate links that your audience can buy. In return, they get paid based on clicks or percentage of total sales through their affiliate referral link.


If you are also a fashion blogger and want to make money through affiliate marketing, we recommend that you check out these best affiliate programs and choose the best products that suit your target market.


Events (edit)

Events (edit)


There are so many bloggers who attend events or host fashion events where they earn decent money for every event they host. Not only can they raise money through events, but they also perform with other brands, people, and more.


Fire associations

Fire associations


The biggest advantage of fashion blogging is that you can use blog posts, Instagram, YouTube videos, Pinterest collaborations, and many other resources to promote other brands and easily make money online.


Therefore, most of these bloggers use many ways to collaborate with brands to advertise their products and get money or commissions in return.


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There are basically two ways that most bloggers in the fashion industry have.

That said, if you are considering starting a fashion blog and taking advantage of it, we recommend that you read the following posts as it is a must for all fashion users.


How to Start a Fashion Blog: Step by Step for Beginners (and Do It Successfully)


Note: We will update this post when we find the best fashion blogger from India. Tell me more about your blogs if you have a brief description of what your site is all about in the fashion industry. We will consider your thoughts and list them here if I find them worth reading.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How much money do Indian bloggers earn in India?

For full-time bloggers, it is easier to make more money because they have a lot more time to turn their blog into a profitable business. Most fashion bloggers in India make between $ 1000 and $ 5000 and even more depending on the traffic your site receives.


How do I start a fashion blog from scratch?

That said, make sure to read the post on how to start a fashion blog to find out how to quickly create your own WordPress blog and create content on the go.


What is Shalini Chopra's fashion blog called?

Shalini is a luxury lifestyle blogger from Bangalore, India, and in her blog she mainly talks about topics related to fashion, beauty, travel and lifestyle.



It's no secret that it looks important. Your lifestyle largely depends on your attitude, and your attitude comes mainly from the styles you follow, from the dress and from the hairstyle.


If you want to look beautiful, stylish and more confident in 2021, spend at least 2-3 hours a week reading the most frequently mentioned content about fashion bloggers.


Did I miss some of your favorite Indian fashion blogs? Mention it in the comments and I'd like to consider including it on this page. You can also email me by sharing your blog information.