Top Women Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs can be described as the new age business revolutionists who are changing the whole stereotypical fundas that are observed by the world. A 21st century entrepreneur is not just a personnel with big business ideas or concepts but also a life shaper of many aspiring peoples who dreams to make it big in the company.Top Women Entrepreneurs Img

Female CEO’s continuing to change the world, becoming constantly visible thanks to innovative concepts and successfully driven companies. As along the time passes a new leader is seen emerging from a lesser known part of the world with a new idea. Here’s a brief look on the budding women entrepreneurs to watch out for their unique creativity and life changing abilities. 

Kathryn Minshew

Kathryn Minshew founder and CEO of the best career shaping portal, This company has helped more than 50 million people get a better knack about their aptitude and explore their horizons further choosing a better opportunity with the help of personalized expert advises and customized jobs per individual.

Payal Kadakia Pujji

Payal has compiled her love and passion for health and fitness into the ClassPass (application) which created a lot of buzz Pan India and internationally due to its variety in workout types and selections and also helps people to customize their requirements and achieve their fitness goals according to their body type and convenience.

Ooshma Garg

Not everyone possesses those Culinary skills in today’s sedentary lifestyle and neither do they have the time for the same and thus the birth of Gobble was foreseen. Gobble is a quick and easy dinner delivery service that can be prepared using simple ingredients, 1 utensil and within 10 minutes. Along with that the Gobble social media ties up with well known chefs recreating some of the best recipes and continues to engage a good public rapport with easy to make videos and cooking tips and techniques.

Edith Harbaugh

Not every entrepreneur or a small scale business person is well versed or skilled with new age business software's and applications due to lack of knowledge and inevitable monetary risks.

Shreya Mishra

Not everyone has the amount of capability or access for an exclusive or designer outfit for every occasion. Shreya Mishra is the founder & CEO of Flyrobe - India's largest online fashion rental services who offer authentic Designer wear on Rent with Custom Fitting & Doorstep Delivery & Pick Up at very reasonably priced merchandises.