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Why did InKING IDEAS and IMAGINE MOVIES merge? Economic profit in mind or reducing the major threats?

It is noted that two popular companies InKING IDEAS and IMAGINE MOVIES have merged to become a single unified company. It has been said that the business owners have entered into the merging contract for plenty of reason. 

Imagine Ideas is a Bollywood channel of Dubai-based Free-To-Air (FTA) which successfully shows the hit and latest movies. It is a UAE based free channel and recently on 25th June, 2019 the company has announced a tie up with the InKING Ideas Pvt. Ltd. It is a private company which leads the share capital to Rs. 1,000,000 and paid up money is Rs. 100,000. InKING is working on some amazing films and marketing projects for Sbi, Jspl, Lino Perros, RustamJee, One Avighna Park and many more to come which will help both the companies to share profits.

Inking ideas definitely got a platform like Imagine Ideas to promote the projects it is working on as the expertise of InKING in content creation, marketing and production is expected to increase the economic profits that will help both the companies to grow tremendously and would increase their demand. The TRP would definitely increase as it will reach more audience through the Imagine Ideas. It’s a clear cut plan of profit and giving a straight threat to multinationals companies. The idea of strong researches and development facilities would be able to achieve now as both companies’ finances have been merged. The aim of Imagine ideas behind the merge is to share the strategic and marketing expertise.  Imagine ideas to strengthen the imagine movies position as it is the only Dubai-based Free-To-Air (FTA) which reaches whole Mena region not only in the GCC region and great channel.

On 23rd June, 2019 both the companies agreed for the merge and Waseem Amrohi was announced as the ‘Director of Operation’ of Imagine Movies for mina region.

He has successfully worked with the world's top brands and experienced creative teams. He started as multimedia designer for YAHOO. The stars blessed him and at the age of 25 he becomes the part of the leading digital agencies. Webchutney, the leading company offered him as a Sr. multimedia designer. The job was not easy as the work included many creative things like - designing websites, script writing and online banner creations for brands like MTV,, Titan, Tanishq, Fly kingfisher, Airtel , Tata tea Jaago re etc. His hard work came out shining like every time and the very same year Webchutney was given the title of the ‘Best Indian online agency’. The company received the award as he was very much part of the winning team. Next year Waseem Amrohi become the art director and headed many companies across Mumbai. The journey of his does not stopped here he has worked with Resultrix Media in Mumbai as an associate creative director. He has done a lot of hard work in India and he has published innumerable digital campaigns in India. He soon moved to Dubai with Crayons Global. They successfully gave the ideas for social media a creative director to the organization. He has not only stopped here he has done high projects and successfully launch films for popular brands like babyshop, Sharaf DG, CenterPoint, as a writer & director for Crayons. Next stop was Everymedia Technology as a national creative director & head of campaign Strategy. He with shinning colors completed digital marketing and movies be it Bollywood or Hollywood. It's not surprising that amount of hard work that Waseem Amrohi has done brought him with 450 plus brands and 100 plus movies, some of them being Microsoft, Yahoo, Welspun, Max Bupa , Sharaf Dg, IPL 2009, Dbs bank, HDFC bank,VLCC, Center Point, ICICI bank, TATA tea, Chrysler, Coldwell Banker, Sbi bank, Sbi mutual fund, Hyundai India, Sbi life Insurance, BabyShop, hyundai, Lino perros, Terna university and movies like Tubelight, Bajrangi Bhaijaan, Neerja, Pink, X-MAN, deadpool, hulk, the greatest showman and many more. For such hard work he has been given many awards for providing best campaigns which included BBC national marketing award 2017. 

Waseem Amrohi on this merging said that, “I am very excited about the new task; it’s a huge step for InKING ideas team. Now our job is to take the channel on the top list – my focus is on digital media to promote the channel. As a director of operation worldwide – my job is not only to run the channel but my motivation is to promote new talent and brands in mena region. I want to give our talent an international exploder, a platform they are waiting for long time- all singer, directors, actors and each and fresh blood.”

The goal of both the companies is to break the boundaries and reach the maximum audience and to grow the company strategically and economically which will make their name in market defeating others.