How the world will change with tech in the next 10 years

We are living in the 21st century, which is all about technologies, researches, and scientific development. But, if we imagine the world in the next 10 years with technology, then it will seem very exciting and high tech in terms of science. The way science is developing each day is making us surprise by its discoveries like- scientists developed first bio hand that can be controlled by brain signal, and the Vuzix display Wrap 920 AR. Such innovations compel us to image the wonder of science in the next 10 years.

The discoveries of science in every sector of life are aimed to make our life simpler and faster beyond our imagination. So, here are the world’s top 10 technologies that will change our world in a completely extraordinary way and show us a glimpse of the world with technologies in the next 10 years.


The internet has become the process of globalization much easier. In this world, we are connecting to almost everything with just a simple model known as the internet. Generally, nowadays we all have internet and almost 3 devices remain a constant connection to the internet. But, the studies showed that by 2020, we will have 50 billion internet connections on the earth that means more than 6 devices for every person. Though the IPv6 offers us limitless connectivity transition, still by the next 10 years we will have sensor networks that will have low-power sensors to collect, transmit, analyze and distribute data on a huge scale.

Currently, the Zigbee is being used in smart meters and smart applications. Similarly, 6LoWPAN is being used by Vint Cerf for his wine cellar climate-monitoring system. But, the most innovative use of these sensors is in shoes, medicine like asthma inhalers, medical exploratory surgery devices, etc.

World Will Closer

As we see the globalization has brought the world closer. Now social networking has the power to connect you with every part of the world and change interchange the culture. Social influence is one of the main components that move rapidly between cultures, so in the future, the world will be closer.

The closer the world, the smaller it will seem, which means the information will diffuse rapidly. In the next 10 years, the capture, diffusion, and consumption of events will go from “near time” to “real-time”.


With the increasing interest of high-definition video accounts, in 2008, approx 5 exabytes of exceptional information was created which is approx 1 billion DVDs. The experts have created 1.2 zettabytes that means one zettabyte equal to 1,024 exabytes. By this Zettaflood, 91% of the Internet data will be in videos by 2015. This is known as “Zettaflood”. But, to operate zettaflood we require highly improved networks to move more data so that not even a single drop of our beloved data drop-off.


In the next 10 years, means by 2020, it is predicted that one-third of the data will live or pass through the cloud including the zettaflood also. With this, it is also possible that the Global cloud services revenue will increase by 20% per year, as the IT sector is spending on innovation and cloud computing. The cloud is already powerful enough to assist us to communicate through real-time language translation, enhance our knowledge to access powerful supercomputers like Wolfram Alpha and we can also improve our health using such computing platforms like IBM’s Watson in new ways. Moreover, we will be able to communicate in great ways.

In the recent era, Google has developed a voice search on an Android phone that sends queries to the Google cloud to decipher and then return results. It is a power of cloud computing, we will be able to see more smart communication and in future things such as contextual and location-based information.

Speed of the Network

If we talk about the speed of the network, our current network speed is 170,000 times improved as compared to 1990. The world’s experts are expecting that by the next 10 years the speed of the network will increase by 3 million times.

The experts are saying that they are working on the new protocols which will build an interplanetary network. This network can be able to send the data from vast distances without being disturbed by latency. With this, experts are also suggesting that multi-terabit networks are being lesser explored, so the early work is happening on the “quantum networking” concept. This concept is based on quantum physics that involves “quantum entanglement” in which two particles are entangled after that it can be separated by any distance. In this concept when one particle is changed the other automatically changed so, the production quantum networks will be the future of speed network.

Printed Human Organs

In recent years, more items are moving from physical to virtual. Now we are able to download e-books and movies rather than finding books in stores and reading books. The recently developed technology popularly known as 3D printing will allow us to manufacture any physical item instantly into virtual items. 

Superior to Human- Robots

In the past few years, the scientist has developed the robots that are able to recognize speech, convert text to speech, and have great knowledge of previous encounters. We have robots that are superior to humans. Now, scientists are looking forward to creating a human brain using hardware and software. By the end of the decade, we will have robots that are superior to humans. And by 2035, we will have robots that completely replace the human in the varied field like workforce, medical staff, etc.

So, these are the possibilities that seem to happen in the next 10 years which could change our living completely.