Cloud Security Importance

More important than ever!

Cloud security is an imperative for businesses making transition to the cloud. More number of business are migrating their applications and data to the cloud. Though cloud platforms provide secure outlet for storing applications and data, it is important to review the security posture and ensure the best security customized for your infrastructure.

Why Is Cloud Security Important?

There are increasing number of companies migrating to the cloud, the development, testing and running of software happens in the cloud.  

Security threats are evolving and are becoming more sophisticated. There are increased instances of data breach, which impacts not only the client but also the service provider.    

Multiregional storage calls for better monitoring and a robust cloud security strategy. It takes real time effort to track the cloud data access, storage, and security regulations that differ from region to region.   

Data stored in remote locations can be lost due to various unexpected reasons. To mitigate this, you need elaborate disaster recovery strategies that eliminate chances of data loss.  

Unauthorized data access poses the biggest threat to the data and applications on the cloud. Having a secure authorization in place and implementing multiple authentication levels can make the platform secure.  

Applications of software that are deployed to the cloud need to be made secure & protected. This can be achieved by detecting and repairing vulnerabilities during the complete testing process.  

Hence you need robust security solutions that meet the speed and frequency of cloud deployment. 

Advantages of Cloud Security

Cloud computing security gives you the confidence that all data, systems and applications are protected from data theft, leakage, corruption and deletion. 

Cloud security can be configured to the custom needs of the business. From authenticating access to filtering traffic, everything can be configured and managed in one place. This reduces the administration overheads and empowers IT teams to focus on the other prominent areas of business.  

As the cloud services are centralized, the security and monitoring can be centralized.  The disaster recovery plans can be managed easily from one place.  

The cloud storage and security helps you reduce capital expenditure and administrative costs. This is because cloud storage and security eliminates the need to invest in dedicated hardware. Cloud security delivers 24/7 protection with little or no human intervention.  

The manual security configurations can be thrown out of the window if you collaborate with a reputable cloud service provider. All security administration can be managed from one place by the service provider on your behalf.  

You can avail the assistance of managed cloud service providers to keep the security tools and protocols up-to-date according to the extent of cloud deployment.