ASP.NET is a server-side open-source web application frame- work which is developed by the giant company Microsoft. The developers can build dynamic web applications and web services and provides the programmer with a convenient web development platform that allows them to build required dynamic web pages. In the other hand, PHP is a server-side scripting language specifically designed for web development and it can be efficiently utilized while managing dynamic content, session tracking and moreover building e-commerce websites.

Before looking at the similarities and differences between them lets go through the brief definition to put some light into them:


To start with, ASP.NET is one of the best web application development frameworks with a doubt created by Microsoft and with each update, some extended and new features are automatically added in pursuit of helping the developers to achieve highly secure, high performance and scalable web applications. Talking about it when combined with other performance tools like a profiler this technology undoubtedly becomes the most powerful solution for building stunning applications. There are certainly some of the incredible features within its framework that helps to overcome the difficulties or challenges that may arise while developing the applications and also boosts the performance.

ASP.NET Features are as follows:

It uses the Microsoft platform and windows-based framework. It offers multiple environments and development mode and enables one to create APIs, build web forms and very useful to put together dynamic websites.


PHP is a server-side and an open-source scripting language that has sincere millions of dedicated PHP developers responsible for the development of web applications. It's embedded in HTML and is precisely well suited for the creation and development of e-commerce applications, web applications and database applications. One of its notable benefits is being widely recognized as a friendly language due to its ability to connect with Oracle, MySQL and other renowned databases.

PHP Features are as follows

It is known to be a completely open-source and can be embedded into HTML files. It earns a reputation for its cross-platform and server-side language and enables the users to build all sorts of web applications.

Differences based on some parameters:

It’s well understood that every user has their own set of expectations and requirements therefore after reading this article one can easily identify what should choose between ASP.NET or PHP as per their requirement and necessity.

While ASP.NET is a paid Microsoft provided web application framework whereas PHP is server-side scripting language which is open source. Now a user can decide from the former and latter also keeping in mind their budget as the options are open to them.

Considering the number of employees and the size of one’s organisation and also keeping in mind the requirement of the application one should wisely decide between the two.

This is very logical to understand which clearly states that ASP.NET being paid certainly has a decent market share whereas PHP in nature being open source is freely available to the developers having comparatively higher market share than ASP.NET.

ASP.NET community is utmost dedicated and contains decent numbers of developers to address problems raised by their end-users while PHP being open-source again is bound to have a huge community size.

ASP is serving and creates desktop applications when PHP performs slower as compared to ASP.NET for desktop applications.

If key concerns are security and functionality then ASP.NET is always the better option while PHP is better suited for those applications containing a prime focus on user interfaces.

While coding if developers make a mistake then the ASP.NET framework will inform about it and it is more secure with less prone to bugs while PHP doesn’t have any such option of letting the developers know about any mistakes while coding in a pre-compiled stage.

ASP.NET turns out to be quite challenging in terms of learning and understanding for a beginner precisely and one may take time to master whereas PHP in nature being a scripting language is much easier to learn and understand comparatively in any given day.

There is a license cost associated with ASP.NET while PHP is an open-source and freely available worldwide.

There aren’t any irregularities allowed in ASP.NET while still being able to run whereas web scripts can be written efficiently with PHP but it is highly customizable and is more prone to bugs.


PHP is said to be the worlds most used and popular language on the internet in assisting the millions of developers with applications. With a large community its also freely available on the web. As it is easy to learn, developers can start working in lesser time comparatively. PHP is a web framework and programming whereas ASP.NET is a application framework. An ASP.NET framework owns the maximum amazing set of libraries and it comes along with a lot of features which enables and allows a developer to create a website with its inbuilt and drag-drop features. In ASP.NET all the qualities come with a price in the form of a licence fee. A programmer has the option to write in any language like VB, C, & F within ASP ecosystem lacks to write in PHP. Let us understand that both ASP.NET and PHP have their own set of pros and cons and it is completely dependent in the developer’s skills and business requirement which should be carefully decided before using either of these wonderful technologies.