You would have heard of the theory that Universe is ever expanding. Well, the universe of socialmedia is definitely expanding faster. From 2018 to 2019, the social media users increased to 3.48 billion growing by 288 million!

This calls for action. Such a huge audience means a crowded market. If you want to increase the traffic over your site, social media is the key. 2020 marks two decades in this millennium. It belongs to those who can control this medium of change.


Hence, failing to plan would be planning to fail! You may utilize the following strategies and see their results fructifying in the coming year.

Use contests and campaigns

After all, one is dealing with humans through this medium. The most basic instinct is that of competition. Do not let this go wasted. Organize games like quizzes; take away in the form of surveys. Do give a reward at the end.

Initiate fun and joyous contests over Facebook, Instagram, and other stories. Do include the option of sharing at the end. This will increase interest as well as spread of the brand name among the customers.

The proven fact is that 34% of the potential customers are acquired through contests. Doesn’t that sound good?

Organize events and spread community presence 

Who doesn’t like affinity? Virtually, building communities is not only easy but also profitable. Today, social media is becoming more and more private. Mark Zuckerberg confirms to that fact. Big Instagram memers are turning private today. It yields the demand for communities! 40 % marketers believe that social media communities are becoming important. LinkedIn has also launched its private group experience feature.

Hence, share quality posts, give personalized experience and have constant interaction with your customers through online groups.

Follow multiple paths to reach your customer

In this competitive world, 52% of the marketers use at least 3-4 channels to reach their customers! Hence, you need to dig up these channels. Use Spotify and YouTube along with FB and Instagram. Take the case of Casper, which has fortified this strategy in 2019.

Expand your visual captivity

Eyes are the most important sensory organ when it comes to operating a screen. To catch the attention, the visual branding has to be extended.  Focus on your brand logo and the information you make to stand out. As compared to hearing, the information seen is retained upto 65% even after 3 days!

Grab the moment. Use graphic templates to magnify your announcements and important details.

No voice means a dumb platform

This is the age of making noise. Having a brand voice that is catchy is a must. Listening is becoming more and more important as per marketers.  It is a great medium of entertainment as well. Clients will spend more time on your site. As is a fact, 48% follow brands to be entertained. Can you afford to miss this?

Every Human is a story

Usage of stories has increased over the past two years. It was 500 million in beginning of this year as compared to 150 million in 2017 over Instagram alone.

Do capture this urge of people to share out their stories. Make them more engaging and personalized. Give further links and incentives over the story page. The target audience will seek interest in your post and follow your brand.

Do create a company page on LinkedIn.

Being a social marketer, you cannot afford to miss the family of 600 million. Being a sizeable professional platform LinkedIn provides a unique opportunity to publish news and content. 92% of Fortune 500 companies follow LinkedIn. Do crate a profile over the same with constant updates.

Making Video Content the Platform-

Surely, as an online entrepreneur, you are aware of how video content grew in the last few years in digital marketing. Using the visual content will take your brand to a completely new level. In 2020, as a digital marketer, you can use the best use of video content. Every social media platform offers video-sharing features, which you can use for marketing purpose. Create well-polished and relatable video content for streaming purpose. One of the best example is Tik Tok, which is a quickly growing video streaming app. In 2020, you can concentrate more on this app by advertising your brand.

Augmented Reality for Social Media-

Augmented Reality is taking over social media. The classic example is Snapchat, which has AR blended features. Brands can create AR featured short Snapchat using filters that can look interesting to watch. In 2020, we would see how other social networks are embracing AR. One such example is Facebook's AR Studio, where marketers can use for creating an AR experience.

Using Analytics to Learn-

Using social analytics can help in optimizing your social media marketing strategy that suits best for your brand. Social media platform are improving the analytics tool with more features to help marketers to plan their strategies.


This is the age of social media. It has to be stored and nurtured. What Clinton termed Perfect Storm is indeed a deadly one. 73 % of the marketers believe in social media marketing which makes their businesses “very effective”.

Do you think of other plans and strategies? Do let us know in the comments.