YouTube Marketing

YouTube videos have been entertaining media for us from the past 20 years and also a wonderful platform for marketers in fact almost 60% of marketers using youtube channel as their main marketing source. 33% of total time online spent in Utube and billion active subscribers are there in this platform it can be accessed in 70 languages.

The world second largest search engine is utube that helps to improve your brand value and presence, utube provides a free opportunity for marketers to execute their attractive content so that easy for consumers to understand and share.

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Utube marketing is a wonderful tool for creating a brand that is the reason we have created this blog post, below we will explain complete details about how you can create a youtube channel, SEO optimization of video, ads optimization and creation of analytics report.

How you can create your own Utube channel

That's great you have decided to create your own Utube channel. Wow! We are excited to see your videos. Before you move in we would like to inform you that creating a youtube channel and optimization takes a lot of time please be ready for that.

Unlike Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram platform, Utube only host huge videos. If you are looking to upload only a few videos and have no intension of maintaining channel this prospect not gonna work here you may have to reconsider yourself. You will need plenty of time to spend on shooting video, editing, optimization, marketing, and analysis on a regular basis. You have to put appropriate time and energy to get good engagement or share of your content.

Create a Gmail account:

If you want to create youtube channel you need a Gmail account so that you can sign up into utube channel, depending on the topic you need to tie-up the Gmail account, we suggest you to create a common Gmail account generally many have created.

Let's get started, search Google, and click at the right side sign-in option.

Choose create account option at the left bottom of the page.

There will be a popup option create Gmail account for yourself or manage business.

To create an account enter your name, password, and most importantly desired email id then choose the next option, provide your personal details in the tab like gender, recovery email, phone number to create Gmail account you should be at least 13 years of age.

At last read Google terms and conditions, privacy policy verify your email account with verification code which is sent by Google to your phone number. Congratulations know you are a proud verified owner of Gmail account.

Creating your own brand new YouTube account

You have a Gmail account; you are almost ready to publish your own video content in utube channel. But still, you need to optimize utube channel for business. To get started, choose utube in the upper right-hand side of the menu, check whether you already logged in or not, if not login by login ID and password.

Select your brand name and you don't need to worry if you're not sure about your label because you can anytime change or update account name from settings.

Utube brand account setting permissions

Before you start planning your utube channel promotions choose your teammates who can also have access to alter, update this utube channel.

There are 3 options while giving access to your colleague:

Manager: The manager has all the editing powers the same as the owner, except adding page roles, removing of listings.

Owner: Owner has all the powers like adding mangers, updating business information, responding to reviews.

Communications manager: Reviews and several other actions can be performed by a communication manager but not allowed to upload videos, content, or analysis of analytics.

How you can create a second utube channel:

Yes, you can also create 2nd utube channel by using one Gmail account.

The process of creating an account is easy here's how:

Open utube studio account and then studio classic.

In the right hand side of menu click creator studio.

In your account open click open new channel option and create new one.

Customize your newly created channel.

Branding of Utube channel step by step guide

To establish your utube channel and to attract people there are few important key factors we would like to discuss in this article.

Utube channel name: Your channel name is part of all your videos that you will be going to publish make sure it's perfect.

Channel logo: Google recommend a square 800 x 800 pixels image, this will appear in your email, Google review, and utube profile.

Channel description: It should be short and explain completely about your company, the search engine will look at your description while ranking your videos.

Utube channel Url: After reaching 100 subscribers you are eligible to customize your channel Url.

Network links: Link your all social networks in About section so that your followers can visit other activities.

Optimize SEO of your videos

You need to optimize your video content to rank in google and in utube search engines.Metadata will give information about the video to viewers like title, tags, description, category, subtitles, and captions.


It is similar to a web page to optimize your video title, description, tags. The title is the first thing users will read make sure the video title is curious, appeal the content which is present in the video. There's a Google-free tool call it as keyword planner to do research of keywords, understand better what peoples are looking for, include the keyword in title keep keywords in title up to 60 characters.


In utube search engine result page, up to 100 characters of text will appear to read remaining text viewers have to click show more option, for this reason, do keep your site url on top so that viewers can click and visit your website. Video transcript is the best option to put which will improve your SEO, add by default links which may be social networks, hashtags.


Highlight main video keywords by using hashtags to add the most important keywords along with commonly used keywords.


After uploading video choose right category this option comes under video categories. Utube allows you to publish video with these following categories movie, music, pets, gaming, travel, comedy, blogs, news, technology etc.


Utube channel auto-creates thumbnail but I would recommend you to create custom made thumbnail this action will provide a huge impact on your videos view and share. Utube recommends 1280 x 720-pixel images make sure thumbnails looks good in all sizes.