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What is Global Development?

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When we talk about Global Development or International Development, what comes to mind? Besides restricting it to purely Economic development, many schools of thought decided to include data like the per- capita income, literacy rate, the country’s gross domestic product, human rights, life expectancy, maternal survival rates and political freedoms.  
The significance of Education. 
The world we live in now is for our elders, for us and the generations that follow. The very survival and well being of the future lay in the hands of teachers and the students who learn to implement that knowledge into systems which are used in essentially all areas of life. We wouldn’t have come this far had restricted ourselves to what systems were in place centuries ago. Advancement in fields of medicine, communication, engineering, philosophy, character development and virtually everything under the sun is because of advances in the field of education. Suffice it to say, the key to Global Development is Education.  
How does good education help with global development? 
  1. Elementary levels of education play a crucial role in the maturing of the individual. The right role models and teaching can lay a profound impact on social skills, arousing curiosity and developing reasoning skills to name a few. Thus laying out a solid foundation.  
  2. Proper education teaches one to think rationally and critically when making decisions. Needless to say, being taught values and principles can lead to good conduct in society. Besides developing a high IQ, education can help us improve our EQ (Emotional Intelligence) which is necessary for well being and social conduct.  
  3. Once education is delivered effectively, the individual can go about seeking employment, pioneering and implementing innovations, starting businesses, amending policies, defending the nation, you name it. They will have better earnings, status and stronger economic backgrounds. 
  4. Invariably when the right people come together, with the right set of skills forming various institutions like that of Government, Trade, Law, IT, Analytics, etc. we are bound to see development in all spheres of life. Poverty rates can go down, cleaner living for future generations, less crime and possibly fewer pandemics as well.