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Best Social Media Platforms For Targeting Hispanic Audience!

Social Medias in recent day’s most influential digital marketing platform of this era where business and marketer relies on. There are statistics on social media usage which states that in overall online adult users, 74% regularly use social media websites. In these online users, 39.2 million users are Hispanic audience. Hence, focusing Hispanic audience can prove to be a profitable move for you.Social Media Platforms For Targeting Hispanic Audience Image

Although, Hispanic audience has a great potential to give you quality business, yet how to target them; is certainly a good question to think about. You must have adequate strategy to attract Hispanic audience towards your business. For this purpose, it is vital for you to discover the best social media platforms for targeting Hispanic audience. Here, we are going to discuss top-most platforms to target Hispanics.

Facebook, A Powerful Social:

Facebook is one of the most prevalent social media platforms of this time. Not just Hispanics, but people from almost every ethnicity are today using Facebook. It is found that 73% of Hispanic audience love using Facebook. So, it is perfectly safe to claim that Facebook can be an ideal choice as a social media platform to attract Hispanic audience.

Instagram – Impressive Presence Of Hispanic Audience:

If we talk about second top social media platform where businesses can find maximum Hispanic audience, then Instagram comes after Facebook. On this picture-driven social networking platform, 26% adult web users are available, in which 34% are Hispanics. In comparison, only 21% Caucasian adult web users are available on this website after Hispanics.

Above ethnicity and race, there is a great finding on Instagram by the Pew Research Center that a big age gap between the age of Latino who are using Instagram (27 years) and the Caucasian (42 years) is witnesses. However, the average age of the African-American online users is 33 years.

Businesses which are seeking to target Hispanic audience would enjoy long term benefits as they are focusing a perfectly right audience on Instagram. However, to appeal this audience, the marketers need to develop Hispanic market-friendly content that is specifically millennial focusing.

Twitter – Amazing Social Media Platform:

When it comes to top-most social media platforms, no one can ignore the name of Twitter at all. On this website, a huge Hispanic audience can be reached to. You must be surprised to know that almost 1 out of 4 Hispanics are currently using Twitter. The percentage of Hispanic audience is again higher here than that of Caucasians.

Pinterest – A Prominent Platform:

Hispanics have a great craze to use Pinterest. Although, this site ranks second famous platform among Caucasians after Facebook, sharing 32% registered users, yet it ranks well among Hispanics also with 21% total Hispanic audience on this website. 


LinkedIn social media platform is a most popular among professionals. Professionals who work in any country across the world must make a LinkedIn profile to grab the best suiting work opportunity in any corner of the world. Among Hispanics, this website is quite popular. In overall LinkedIn user percentage, 18% share is of Hispanic audience.