Email marketing and AdSense: The most powerful combination

If you are already got AdSense approval on your site, maybe you are leaving money on the desk, let us explain why? Most of the people create their own website, slap some pages and then wait for visitors to click on their ads. But when once visitors click on an ad, they are just gone? May be forever!
Email marketing and AdSense Image
One important smart online method marketer use to maximize earnings that is the email marketing list.
  • By getting visitors to subscribe to their list, AdSense owner can continue earn money from their readers.
  • By sufficiently using of subscriber's email list AdSense owners can increase their AdSense earnings.
Here read and learn how you can do the same, in this article, there is a complete step by step guide how to use the email lists to generate good AdSense revenue.
The very first key step is to create a page that is most searched by people, A key topic would be peoples interested in reading or kind of information that can help to solve readers' personal or financial problems.
Your second step would be to create pages for your Blogpost, write posts that can give values to the readers, all information you have provided in a blog that should help to improve readers' life. Write content in many ways this can include:
  • RSS feed and Blog posts
  • Own website articles
  • Public Web domain works
  • Hire freelance content writers to write blog posts
  • Private Banner’s rights
Preparing content for your Blogpost is an ongoing work, at least once you have created 15 posts which contain quality information for your website visitors you should then go for AdSense optimization. As you creating your blog post for AdSense approval keep one thing in your mind that your goal is to get a click from website visitors. Don't give many options to your reader, it is a very important factor that create your posts in simple, to achieve this, you can follow few steps
  • Add 3 ads block space on every page.
  • Make sure there is no links, borders, and check ad block looks like standard image and text.
  • Don't provide any links near to ads, provide the link at the bottom of the page.
After creating webpages you need to add autoresponder sequence for the mail list. Your primary focus should be on visitors click on ads, it's important to write good attractive title, mention the importance of article and inform subscribers what they can learn by clicking on the site.
Once you have a proper sequence to bring visitors to your site you need to start promotions of your site like social media marketing, PPC, SEO, if you receive more visitors hence you will earn more money, continuously work hard to bring visitors to your website, once you have got the approval of AdSense you need to start posting articles on daily basis and market your site, having large amounts of information and visitors you will find exponential growth of your AdSense earning.