Alexa Toolbar

Alexa is a global website traffic measuring tool, it collects website traffic data and provides global and country-wise website rank. Alexa is an Amazon tool claims they are using other data also to provide website rank, which site has lower Alexa rank we can call it as a good website. Alexa tool supposes to how every site rank on the Web compared to the remaining websites. They are providing rank based on website visitors, page views, and the amount of time spent by users on each page. It is not a Web traffic measuring tool it is only compare tool.

The showing Alexa number says standing of website rank compared to others, a smaller number is nothing but higher rank many unknown very less traffic getting websites not ranking. Alexa providing rank on a daily basis, no one position goes to Google and Facebook in second place this will not get changed for several years.

Alexa toolbar installation is free and easy as well. Just search in Google like the Alexa toolbar. Download software then install it for chrome browser. Some people are thinking it's a spy software collects personal data ph no, email id, etc but it's not collecting any personal data it collects only website traffic data.

Whatever the data it provides for the big websites which looks like true but for the smallest site it seems like not true, we have measured and seen this failure over again and again that few visitors site ranking less than 5 lakhs and site with many thousand visitors having more than 10 lakhs rank.

So many advertisers still considering Alexa rank to place ads in those websites but this a huge mistake and unfair. Every SEO person should know this fact and not to consider Alexa rank while placing display ads.

Why Alexa is not trustworthy?

Now the question arises how come Alexa started providing Web traffic based rank in 1996 and this is been found & developed by Amazon. Alexa claims they are collecting data from different sources but we don't think that's true And it's well known for all of us that very few users only using this toolbar especially SEO and digital markets but the majority of online users never heard of this toolbar.

One thing is obvious the SEO website receives visitors with having Alexa toolbar in their browser and ranks well under 1, 00,000 ranks even website doesn't receive more than 30 visitors per day. On the contrary, the real estate website visited by thousands of people without having Alexa toolbar ranks low. A visitor visits a website over again and again with the Alexa toolbar will affect the rank.

Alexa 2020 new update:

Alexa Toolbar Image

There are many updates that have been done in Alexa algorithms and many data collected from another source as a result now data providing by the tool is much closer to reality. Especially the website which is ranking lesser than 1,00,000 the statics of these sites not wrong, quite accurate actually. So Alexa as a website comparison tool provides the most precise data and services now a day's, it's very difficult to manipulate nowadays than it was in the past. The conclusion of the Alexa toolbar is very useful these days especially the sites which are ranking top 1,00,000.

Alexa traffic rank: It means that website global ranked compared to all sites which Alexa tracked.

Rank in country: It is the rank which is given to the site in country wise.

Way back machine: Alexa shows what was the website template used before in the past with screenshots which show.

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