How to submit website in Bing and yahoo webmaster tool - A step by step guide

If Bing or yahoo search engines don't know your website which exists, how it is possible to get organic traffic from these search engines. It is important to optimize website in search engines because you can get more traffic to your site from Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines if you want more traffic and visitors to your website submit website in other remaining search engines. Let’s learn how you can submit your blog in Bing and Yahoo search engines.

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Bing and Yahoo combined each other have only 1 webmaster tool for both search engines. It is completely free and submitting process is very easy, let's learn how to submit your site in search engine.

While signing in into Bing webmaster tool there are 3 options available

  • Create Microsoft's new account and sign in.
  • By using Google account sign in into Bing webmaster tool.
  • Sign in through Facebook account.

After you signed in this is the window which appears, Bing has given two ways to verify and submit website.

Copy your site domain URL and paste at Add site and submit by clicking ADD option (Note: if you adopt this method it is essential to add javascript into your website before Bing starts indexing your site)

It is the easiest and most widely used method, by using Google webmaster tool importing data and complete verification process.

Bing webmaster also similar to Google, here data like website pages impressions, clicks, CTR, users, location, device, sitemap, and many more data it shows which helps to analyze website performance through webmaster. Most commonly measured data is no of impressions in search engine, clicks and CTR (click-through rate) as we know most peoples are using Google search engine almost 70% of users according to experts report.

Submit sitemap which helps search engine to recognize all your webpages including blogs, whenever you are writing new blogs and posting in website don't forget to submit that particular blog post url in search engine console because the search engine can index quickly and provides traffic to that particular webpage.

The reports which are available in Bing and Yahoo webmaster tool as follows

Page traffic: In this tab reports like search impressions, clicks from search, CTR, average search click position, average appearance position, the specific necessary date selection also exists.

Search keywords: The specific keyword have been searched by user and your website page which appeared in Bing search engine result page called performance complete data details it also provides.

SEO reports: while indexing website pages if crawler finds any error which could meta tags, device compatibility it shows that error details including webpage url.

Crawl Information: here in this tab data like errors 404, 301, robot.txt related issues if crawler finds out will be shown here.

Diagnostics and tools: you can check your website individual pages details like structured markup, rich snippets, header tags, Meta description details of each individual page.

We hope you understood all the concepts about what is Bing webmaster tool, benefits of submitting your website in search engine console if in case you liked this blog do not forget to share the blog on social media.