Step by step to submit blog in Google search engine console

You have blog site and the very first question which arises, how you can add website in Google search engine result page? Because people should come from Google search and read articles. For that you need to submit blog in Google webmaster, it is a Google search console tool, by using it anybody can add blog or website  in google search result page.

submit blog in Google search engine console Image

Benefits of Google search console

  • You can add website or blog in search engines.
  • In the blog or website, you can detect errors.
  • You can submit sitemap.

There 2 methods to verify in the search engine console.

Get verify by placing Google analytics script in website.

There is separate javascript in google search console copy, paste code into your website, and get verified.

Add website in Google search console: Step by step guide

Go to Google search console with your Gmail I'd and password sign up. In next step, I would recommend you to choose url prefix option because here many options are there and also verification process is very easy, put your domain url, select continue option.

Now you have to verify blog in search engine console for that few verification methods, there is a HTML tag in search engine console copy that script and paste in your website in between header tags, then come back to search engine console to verify your ownership.

Google search console is a very unique tool in which many site reports like site performance, coverage, enhancement, mobile use-ability complete data available, you can use these data to analyze site.

Performance: In this tab search engine site performance data like total clicks, impressions, average CTR, average position, for queries of keywords site appearance in search engine, page impressions in google search, countries, devices, particular keyword impressions available.

Index: Here you can check valid with warning pages list, valid URLs, excluded pages because of many reasons Google excludes pages most of the time when the pages contain plagiarism content or in case page not exists (404 error).

Sitemap: sitemap is nothing but whole set of website pages list if you do have good sitemap which helps to index pages rapidly and will bring organic traffic from search engines. Whenever you’re creating new pages or blog posts don't forget to add URL in sitemap or otherwise submit that newly created page in search console because page can get indexed quickly.

Removals: There are 3 stages of removal available temporary removal, outdated content, search filtering. In temporary removal, if you have a page that you don't want to appear in search engine then use this option. Second option that is outdated content here you already removed a page from your website but that URL still in Google search, in this case, use this option to remove page permanently. Safe search filtering submits a history of all labeling requests up to 6 months past data available.

Mobile use-ability data also providing by Google console, here valid pages data, error data, and page impressions in the mobile device available.

Links: Data like website internal linking, external links, top linking sites list, top linking text, or anchor tags data available to analyze and it could be useful for business growth.