Keyword placement in a Blog page

SEO friendly site should be optimized with high search volume keywords, let's learn how to place keywords on your blog post. Search engines like Yandex, Bing, Baidu, Google, Yahoo providing preference based on keywords in post, if you don't know about keywords placement, you will be going to lose lot organic traffic from search engines. When you add keywords in a post it is called keyword prominence. Based on keywords optimization like which keyword used and placed in post, based on that blog will get rank and generate traffic from search engines.

How to place keyword in a Blog post Image

Keyword optimization tips to make blog post SEO friendly:

Keyword must present in post title: Presence of targeted keyword at the title is most important factor SEO on-page factor, in SERP title is appearing, keyword presence in title will bring more clicks. Title of post is become H1-tag and presence of keyword in H2 will boost rank of post.

Anchor text: Internal linking is essential in blog post because it reduces Bounce rate of post and guide users to read other pages while placing permalink choose keyword and place another post link.

Meta description: When people search question in search bar with keywords, as a result few sites appear in search engines with Meta title, description, and URL, we can say meta description is the content which appears in the search engine result page and it should be unique and most importantly contain keywords that you are looking to rank, the description can be in between 160 to 300 characters.

Image Alt Text: Through images search, you could get a lot of traffic to your website, there are many searches have been happening for images, while posting images in blog there is an option image Alt text, put title of post completely, anyone searches for particular image in search engine there is chance of blog post image could get.

Add keyword in first and last line of blog post: In the first line of blog add a keyword that you targeting for that particular post, in any post keyword should repeat and keyword density up to 4% allowed, bold the keywords where ever you’re added so that user will recognize easily about the blog.