How to increase page loading speed - useful tips

Loading speed of website is also one of the important SEO factors, Google 2010 onwards started considering it seriously, a very good site should get load in browser within 4 seconds. Now online users won't wait for a long time until website get load slowly if any sites take too much time to get load user will click back button move to another website. With the user's search engines also likes the site which has good loading speed and also gives more preference in SERP, today I will talk about how to increase loading speed of website.
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Website page loading speed Importance:
As i said already Google added this factor in their algorithms in 2010, as much faster your website will load in the browser also get organic traffic from any search engines. You need to consider 2 types of speed, one is site speed in desktop and mobile speed, most of the users using mobile phones to browse here what matters much is site load speed in mobile.
Not only it matters while ranking in search engines but also in user experience, according to experts study if a website takes more than 4 seconds to get load 60% of peoples won't go again to see that website, according to me a good website should get load within 3 seconds.

How to check website speed?
Now we understood it is must and should to have high loading speed of website, but the question is how you can check the speed of your website, in online many tools are thereby using those you can check the speed of your website, Google it's self-provided speed checker option in webmaster tool and also Google speed checker online tool is thereby using it check loading speed of website in desktop and mobile both, it is completely free which is provided by Google.
Here just copy and paste the website URL which you are going to check and select the device type which is Desktop or Mobile.

Page speed insights: This is the most popular loading speed checker tool used by many people; now chrome extension is also available just add an extension into your Brower open website which you are going to check speed, select the device type Desktop or Mobile.

How to increase the speed of your BlogSpot Blogs?
In WordPress blog, there are many good plug-ins available that can make your work easy but when it comes to BlogSpot blog very less, here I mentioned few points on how you can increase loading speed.

Use fast loading template:
Your BlogSpot blog speed completely depends on theme or template which is used, in the Internet, you will get many free or paid templates but use any template, first read reviews about the template pick which has good loading speed, mobile-friendly, choose any good template which is mobile friendly and high loading speed because changing of template in a short interval of time may cause adverse effects over search engine ranking. So select one good template and keep that for a long time.

Remove widget which is not necessary:
When you are constantly changed website templates the free widgets will remain same as it is like search box, visitors count, featured post, archive, etc, these widgets generally available at sidebar or at the footer and these will influence the page rank as well. For this reason please use the widget which is so essential like social media icons, search bar, category instead of these please don't put other widgets in the website.

Select minimum post in home page: 
In BlogSpot blog setting there is an option called the no of posts here please kindly choose posts in between 4-5.

Compress Images: loading of Images takes a lot of time, proper optimization of images or compression will reduce load speed up to 50%. There are few online tools that can help to compress Images example like compress jpeg, compressor io but I personally recommend tiny png tool, here you can compress images up to 70-80% but quality of image will remain the same. Try to only use maximum up to 50kb size of images which will help to increase load speed.

Avoid too much of Ads: Many ads in a single page will decrease the speed while optimizing AdSense ads you need to place java scripts in website this action can bring down the website speed.

Compress HTML, css and java scripts: Use less java scripts and CSS codes the widgets scripts which is heavy and not very useful remove those codes from your website, in BlogSpot blog, there is an option called code compressor compresses the codes as much as you can which will decrease the load speed up to 2 seconds and reduces Bounce rate of a website as well.