How to get Google AdSense approval 2020

Many new Bloggers have this thought in their mind how to get AdSense approval on a blog, few new Bloggers got approval in their first attempt but who were not getting approval looks to buy AdSense account or will leave blogging. Every blogger thinking to earn money from their blog for that AdSense is a wonderful monetization method. Getting approval from AdSense is not an easy job especially for new Bloggers; the most important part is everyone should aware of AdSense policy otherwise the application may get rejected.

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Let's learn more about how to get AdSense approval here in this blog I will be going discuss, so keep reading until the end.

Custom Domain: If you are new Blogger and don't want to spend too much of money over the website then choose BlogSpot blog platform, create an account, purchase a custom domain from Go daddy and redirect BlogSpot domain into custom domain because you will get approval quickly or in future, you can move from BlogSpot to another platform easily.

Important Pages: For AdSense approval, few important pages are essential like about us, disclaimer, contact us and privacy policy, having these pages show professionalism and you are working according to Google policies. There are many websites in online you could see all these important pages and few might not have these pages and got approval sometime it depends on luck.

Select Right Topic:

Adsense approval and earning totally depends on niche or topic that you are going to select, I would recommend you to select technology, food, education, health anyone one of these topics because AdSense approval will be given easily over these niches.

These are few topics you should avoid:

  • Software, game downloading site.
  • Cricket score, game topic.
  • Festival quotes or wish blog.

I'm suggesting you to avoid these topics because you can't able to write unique content continuously over these topics.

Supportive Language: AdSense does not give approval for all the languages to create a blog in Kannada, Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, etc language.

Don't use copyrighted images by downloading from other sites because AdSense policy does not allow copied content or image, in case you do your application for AdSense approval will get rejected.

Write unique content: Many Bloggers AdSense applications got rejected because not having unique content and also post should contain good titles, subtitles, no Grammar mistakes, and most importantly blog posts should be informative.

There are many content plagiarism checker tools available please check content before publishing, I suggest Grammarly, SEO small plagiarism tool.

Blog Template: Select mobile responsive template and fast loading template for blog, it's essential to have a professional design template, customize blog properly so that visitors can browse other pages easily. I suggest blog should contain a logo, navigation should be done properly, remove unnecessary widgets, blog posts should not contain error links.

Ad Network: There are many ads networks like popup, signup, advertising banners you should avoid, Google AdSense absolutely allow other advertising networks but few companies policy doesn't compile Google policy's so please avoid other ad network ads on your blog post.

No of posts and traffic: There is no limitation of blog posts and traffic but I would recommend 15 unique articles with more than 800+ words, as lengthy as you can write content.