How you can earn money in online?

Are you looking to earn in online! But how you can earn? You don't have idea about it! Many people around the world earning money through online, are you new to online world, don't worry still you can earn up to 20,000 per month, what are all the skill which is necessary now I will going explain in-depth keep read until the end.

How you can earn money in online Image

These are all the easiest way to earn money in online:

Start Affiliate Marketing: There are many retail online companies like amazon, Flipkart have affiliate program through this you can earn money, for that just signup into their affiliate program it's very easy and possible to get instant approval, after completion of account there will a place at there you can choose tracking code of your products, in order to start Affiliate marketing there is no necessity of technical knowledge, just pick product link and start sharing in social media if anyone purchases it from the link that you shared you will receive certain amount commission.

Start blogging: In case are you looking to earn money without investment blogging is the best and easy way, search the niche which is trending, write content about the same topic, prepare 15 blogs then apply for AdSense approval, you will get approval response mail within 12 days, optimize ads in BlogSpot and start earning.

Freelancer: Freelancing has been a very good option for part-time work, many sites available to register as a freelancer there you will get projects.

Following skills necessary for Freelancing projects

  • Graphic design
  • Business consulting
  • Voice over
  • Digital marketing
  • Content writing
  • Video editing
  • Animation
  • Web designing
  • Data entry

If you have any one of these skills which I've mentioned above you can become a freelancer, join many sites providing freelance projects, and also by using social media like LinkedIn, Facebook send a proposal to people like CEO, directors.

Freelance sites:

  • Fiverr
  • Freelancer
  • Upwork
  • Simply Hired
  • Crowded
  • 99Designs

Join all these sites quote a price how much you are expecting for each project, many freelancers earning here 20,000 to 40,000 thousand rupees monthly.

Earn money from Utube channel: Create a youtube channel to make unique videos over different niches like technology, food, education, etc. Upload in your youtube channel, promote the video through social media sharing, email marketing, and earn money from your channel.

Start stock market trading: To start trading you need money, many MNC companies selling stocks to get investment, there are many online apps available download anyone join stock market, bid money over fewer price stocks and buy, whenever stock price going up-sell the stock and make profit, but here absolutely need technical knowledge and lot of research.

Online Tutor: Incase if you are an expert in any field, there are many sites like Vedantu, My private tutor you can join, early day’s payment would be 100 rs per hour but later on word’s you would earn more.

Content writing is trending job right now, create personal account in LinkedIn there are many people looking for the content and posting job opportunities poster connect with people who is looking for content, send professional for projects and start earning.

Provide consultation: If in case you are in expert professions like Marketing, SEO, Business strategy, SEM, Social media marketing, many startups companies looking for consultants connect with them guide and help them to reach their goals charge certain mount as fee for your consultation.

Sell photos and earn money: If you know photography take unique photos like nature, tech, food, education, create an account in shutter website once your account verified start sharing your photos on daily basis, it helps to increase visibility if any purchases which happen from your photo collection shutter will pay certain amount commission to you.