How to become successful Blogger: A step by step guide

Are you looking to become a successful blogger and earn money from your blog site then read this article completely, many people started writing blogs lafter 1 or 2 years out of 10, 7 couldn't succeed left blogging, you definitely have to test your luck and start writing blogs today itself. It's very easy to start blogging but difficult to become a successful blogger. According to me, there are two reasons many Bloggers unsuccessful, lack of knowledge and patience.

How to become successful Blogger

In this blog, I will be going to explain how you can become a successful blogger and earn money a complete guide please read this blog until the end.

How to become a successful Blogger?

Choose a good niche or topic: To become a successful Blogger and earn money it totally depends on the niche you’re going to choose, I would suggest you pick the topic which is well known and you love to do research, read, write. There are many online Bloggers are there read their blogs, follow them. Every Blogger doesn't know all the things we also do research on particular topics by reading other's post, once we gained enough knowledge and we start writing our own blog. In blogging passion and interest plays major role choose the topic which is well known for you and interested in writing. Before you choose a topic do research keyword competition, demand, and trending news.

Skillful writing: In online marketing, content is the king while writing articles discusses unique topics which not had been discussed, In actual articles are Blogger identity.  How readers will going like your article it completely depends on your writing skill, I'm not saying you have to write like professional newspapers but at least you have to express your thoughts in the form of content, including personal experience and thoughts in article increases users engagement, reduces Bounce rate as well.

Read good articles: To write high quality articles it is essential to read high quality blogs, while reading make points that could help to write your own blog, I would recommend you to read at least 5 articles before start writing a blog, how much more you will read as the same knowledge you will gain, it is important to keep reading and learn new things in blogging field.

Keep Patience and updates of SEO: Overnight nobody can't become successful Blogger, keep learning new things and most importantly write new technology's, future tech, current trends, patience is the key factor, your blog post will not get traffic from search engines since you are a new Blogger, it takes few months Google recognize your site & gradually your blog will receive organic traffic, nowadays many updates and changes have been done in google like panda, penguin update site according to changes.

Help Readers: Users are searching for information or looking solution for their problem, in case your blog solves their intentions visitors will remember your site and often revisit blog. Don't forget to replay for comments in your blog post because readers have to think you are writing blogs to solve problems, also the engagement of your site will increase.

Be consistent: Any Blogger should need to keep publish posts regularly at least every day a post, for readers regularly introduce new topics then only user experience will improve, and Google will recognize & give more preference to your site in search engine result page.