Custom domain benefits in BlogSpot blog

Many Bloggers started blogging profession with BlogSpot platform because here from domain to template completely free,customization is easy there is no necessity of technical expertise like in WordPress, if it is essential for you to change the template you can change, domain like freely available but looks unprofessional and most of the people won't believe like this type of domain, if you need custom domain purchase and redirect.

Benefits of custom domain:

Easy to remember: User can remember custom domain easily because length is short also when it comes to SEO rank and organic traffic with .com domain can rank easily.

Easy to shift another hosting: If you are seriously thinking to become blogger better starts with custom domain like com, in, org because if you want to move content to another platform like WordPress, host gutter it's not possible to move with free domain.

Social media: Everyone using social media platforms for traffic, many people won't believe BlogSpot posts, and also social networks will going to ignore your BlogSpot link for these entire reasons better to use a custom domain in order build user trust.

Branding: With a domain like dot com, dot in you can build branding also Google gives more preference to this domain in search engines.

AdSense: With custom domain, it is easy to get approval of AdSense advertising programs, moreover easy to move content from one host to another.

Advertising sources: Many other advertising sources will not allow domain with free BlogSpot.

SEO: For search engine optimization custom domain suits perfectly, search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo give more preference to the custom domain.

Looks professional: As I said already free BlogSpot domain looks unprofessional and users won't believe this type of site, with custom domain blogs, looks professional, genuine.