Benefits of Utube channel for Bloggers

Have you noticed who are world-famous Bloggers have their own YouTube channel, every blogger thinking to publish good quality content to targeted right users, in this process your own Utube channel play an important role.

Benefits of Utube channel for Bloggers Image

Importance of YouTube channel:

Nowadays many famous Bloggers have their own YouTube channel this shows how YouTube channel plays important role in blogging, famous Blogger like Neil Patel encourages to start and involve YouTube videos in blogging, the reason behind you have to start your own YouTube channel read below few points.

To connect with audience: video is a very good medium through you can connect and interact with users, nowadays people don't wish to read lengthy articles because it's quite boring, so placing utube video in article is an excellent choice. In many articles we have seen YouTube embedded videos, it helps audience to understand content with video very well and also increases engagement rate. Many users can't understand the things by reading content, visitors will end up blog with many confusions with the support of video they can learn easily, there is an option in YouTube call it as feedback through you can interact with users and also can clear doubts which visitors have, this will help you to increase followers, better engagement, branding.

YouTube channel will boost search engine ranking:

There are many videos that are ranking in search engine result page, its shows clearly like content with videos playing an important role in branding. Over 40% of peoples click first 3 results in the search engines, 90% of people click first 10 page results.

Build backlinks: While publishing YouTube videos put that particular BlogSpot page url link in the description so that users can visit blog pages through YouTube videos.

Bounce rate: According to ahref bounce rate is the most important factor in search engine ranking, by placing video on a page will decrease Bounce rate.

YouTube channel is a good source of free traffic:

Many people give preference for the videos to learn new technical information, incase if you include video regarding about blog content which will bring many visitors to BlogSpot through youtube channel, YouTube is the third largest website visited by people every minute, there are many videos have been uploaded in youtube it means this is a huge source of traffic, you must have to take advantage of this platform.

Initially for new blog, you won't get traffic by YouTube channel, you will definitely get some visitors. Don’t waste your time start working from smartphones to earn daily from 1500 to 2000. 

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Authority rank: SEO is really very important factor to rank website and get organic search engine traffic, quality content, backlinks play an important role to increase authority rank, search engine like Google gives more importance to site which has high authority rank while posting utube video optimize like blog title, description, keywords so that video can rank well.

Increases earnings: Making of Utube video is not an easy job, but you have to make in case if you want to earn more money, in AdSense account you can monetize both blog and youtube channel. In blog also there is a possible chance of placing utube embedded script which will reduce bounce rate, increases engagement and also double your AdSense earnings.

There is certain rule to monetize youtube channel into AdSense, 1000 subscribers and 5000 hours of watch time is essential. It's not easy to gain subscribers and views of videos in youtube but fact is you have to keep posting videos on different topics and promotions of videos in social media is necessary, gradually you will get views and subscribers. Many people wanted to become successful Bloggers but they simply started utube videos channel & successful it depends on luck as well.