What is SEO

SEO full form is search engine optimization you have a website or Utube channel and you are not getting visitors, SEO will help to increase visitors from Google, yahoo, Bing search engines organically.

What is SEO

What are the main parameters of SEO?

To understand what is SEO clearly let's break SEO into few parts and look at it.

Quantity of traffic: A website can attract many visitors from search engine result page because Google, yahoo, Bing tells you are good source of content, solving many people queries in genuine way.

Traffic quality: From search engine right peoples are visiting website, getting answer for their queries and satisfied from website content.

Organic traffic: in most of the queries Ads are making most of the top SERP in any search engines, organic traffic is the traffic visitors are coming from SERP and you do not have to pay for that traffic and it can call it as unpaid genuine traffic.

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How search engines and SEO works

We all know search engines also websites Google, yahoo, Bing and so on, in search engine you are typing your query in the form of keywords with magically getting replies along with huge Web pages link, title, url and description that could be answer to your query.

Have you ever wondered about magical list appeared in SERP?

Every search engine have their own algorithms in crawling, indexing the webpages, you are writing new page then applying for indexing, search engine first step is crawling the webpage later indexing, algorithms that tries to provide exact answer for your query.

There are many factors in algorithms; here we listed few of them

  1. Domain level (domain length, https, website response time, types of domains ex: Com, org, net, in)
  2. Domain backlinks (good quality backlinks from trusted website or blog)
  3. Webpage keyword level, content length.
  4. Load speed of webpage & uniqueness of content.
  5. Domain age, bounce rate, search engine result page, click through rate.
  6. Social media metrics.

In SEO most important thing is optimization of website content that can solve questions which is searched by people and one more thing i would like to mention even search engines also should have to understand your web page content.

While optimizing website please make sure Meta title, url, meta description should contain keyword that you are looking to optimize for that page and inter link the other pages with suitable anchor, reader could proud off.

Want to learn SEO?

We help our readers to learn and understand about SEO if in case you are new, excited to learn this topic please read all our topics on SEO we digged all the data from experts and presenting here.

What is on-site optimization?

On site or on page optimization is nothing but optimizing parameters on website in order to top rank and gain relevant high organic traffic from search engine, SEO on page optimization is nothing but correct both content and source code of those individual web pages. Proper on page optimization helps search engine to under standard what actually the page is about and also quickly address page in SERP.

Content keywords which performing Onsite SEO

In 2005 SEO was all about placing keywords in website as many times as you can, but in recent days search engines are changing algorithms for example, Google panda update, penguin update completely changed the game of SEO. Now a day’s google does not like using keywords over again and again in website.

What is SEO off page optimization?

It refers to the action you take out side of your website that impact on your website especially when it comes to SERP. It mainly involves sharing links in other site in the form of directory, social bookmark, images, video,  blog commenting, pdf submission, ppt, forum submissions while submitting website link it is essential to consider rank and quality of website in which you are submitting links.

Why SEO off page optimization so important

We all know algorithms of search engine have been changed continuously and getting tougher to rank in SERP, now a days trust worthy really plays very important role while ranking.

Classification of SEO

Black hat SEO: It involves buying of backlinks from others, submitting website in spam websites in order to gain rank quickly.

White hat SEO: It involves building backlinks in natural way, gradually through manually submission of directory, book marks, forum, ppt, images, videos, blog commenting, blog submissions with proper anchor text in it will bring link juice and page rank to that particular website individual page.

Gray hat SEO: In order to promote parent website using many baby sites or blogs called as Gray hat SEO. If you adopt this method will get sudden result, but result is not long lasting.

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