What is blogging? Benefits of blogging

If you don't know what is blogging then you are in right place to learn. Early blog posts were in the form of diary later everyone started writing in online and shared.
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What is blog?
Blog is nothing but view of an individual person expressed in the form of content and posted in online/digital media.

Benefits of blogging
There are plenty of reason to start writing blog it could be to earn money, business blogging or sharing thoughts and opinion in digital medium. When comes to products, service, manufacturing business blogs will help to grab attention of buyers and another purpose of blogging is bring organic traffic to your website. Good attractive blog posts has high chance to get recognition by Google search engine. Blogging is a effective way to generate leads, branding.

Structure of blog
Appearance of blog have been changed a lot, now a day's it include many structure and features.
  • Header or title.
  • Content with anchor text.
  • Sidebar (social icons, signup forms etc.)
  • Footer which include contact, disclaimer, policy page.
  • Blog v/s website
Many people still don't know the difference between blog and website, obviously now a days it is very difficult to differentiate between 2 of them.

What in actual differentiate blog from website
It is essential to update blogs frequently.
Blogs have been posted for user engagement.
One of the key elements to identify blog is published date mention over post.

Who is blogger?
As you know it is difficult to explain in words, but what we can say some people live to share their experience, feelings, thoughts, opinions in the Internet we can call them as Bloggers.

Why now a day’s many people blogging?
Many people choosed blogging as their carrier, earning through this profession by monetizing Ads in their blog.

What is Blogging?
Blogging is nothing but sharing of thoughts by post in online media. Here are the some advertisement ways, setting up ads space in blog post of Google Ads-sense.

Join affiliate marketing programs and advertise products, services, and links in your website.

Want to write your own blog?
If you have idea to start writing your own blog here are the few steps you have to follow, very first key step is decide your domain name then select best blogging platform, niche selection for blog then start writing, if you are new to blogging i suggest you to start with Google BlogSpot it is absolutely free, domain also free as well, only the most important thing you have to do is writing good quality unique content in google BlogSpot, here coding knowledge is not necessary more over it is work like a word document just post what you have written and publish.

Best Niches for Blogging?
There are many Niches available in the Internet but choose the one you are interested to write, learn, and love to explore.

Food niches: in this world everyone eats, drinks, talks and most importantly search about food it is one of the most popular blog topic, your blog will gain 100% huge amount of search traffic as well social traffic for that what you have to do is just write down about making of food recipes with high quality images and post in your blog, as you know there are many food blogs are ranking gaining millions of readers.

Fashion: It is one of the most searched topic in the Internet, you could start one as well, many of them are looking to follow new blogs.

Product's: In recent days millions of searches have been done related to product for example phones, laptops, watches, TV, beauty products and so on, as you know products related information is available in ecommerce website just pick the product and list-out specifications, accessories, model, warranty of that product you can also refer many other ecommerce websites.

Essential in Blogging
There are many free tools in the Internet which helps you to work faster and write better.

Google trends: This tool completely free and easily available for any one, it helps you to choose topic which is trending in the internet.

Keyword planner: This is awesome Google tool which gives complete information about keywords had been searched in search bar, it gives complete data in region wise, state, country, globally, and also gives search volume of keyword too.

Grammerly: Spelling mistakes in the blogpost how much annoying for readers, this tool helps to detect spelling mistakes on content and suggestions of grammar as well, simple to use but perform magically.

Canava: Probably most people used graphic design tool but canva available in both premium and free. It contains many free templates you can choose any modify, download for social media, email marketing, this is really cool tool I suggest you to use this.

Webmaster tool: It is nothing but Search Engine console you can identify errors in blog page, it provides crawled, indexed data, speed of your website and most importantly provides search engine performance data (impressions, clicks, CTR).

Google analytics: This is most widely used tool for analyzing data of website traffic like organic, direct, social, paid, referral traffic and many more data of website.