How to increase Followers in TIKTOK

Are you looking to increase TIKTOK likes and followers quickly? Many TIKTOK users didn't get follower overnight, to earn money through this platform everyone has to work hard, you are so lucky landed over my blog, let's learn how to achieve.How to increase Followers in TIKTOK Image

Here in this blog I mentioned how to gain likes and followers in Tiktok. The very first shortcut is Inorganic and second one is Organic method.

I will give more preference to organic method

  1. Create unique and creative video: In Tiktok many peoples are doing copy and posting similar way of videos, according to experts 95% of them doing it, try to make whole new kind of video put your own creativity while creating that, please don't upload similar type of video which were there already. Most of them uploaded lip synchronizing videos, if in case you upload same type of video won't bring followers in quick session of time; don't do this mistake over again and again.
  2. Upload videos regularly: Incase regularly videos have not been uploaded by you, in this case how people will get videos of yours and how could be the reach possible. For this reason everyday posting of videos will help to increase visibility of your profile hence automatically people will start to follow profile.  In this platform everyone expects to see creative things and it is quite obvious as well in video sharing platform, posting single video in a week does not make sense and it causes to loss of followers.
  3. Include popular music on your video: Use latest and popular music on video, especially recent released hit songs will help to increase views and followers as well.
  4. Make duet video: Make friendship with other Tiktokers is a best way to increase followers; it increases views of your video and content to many people. In Tiktok duet functionality would be great idea, suppose one of subordinate have 5000 followers make connection with them, ask them to connect and offer them about making duet videos hence both can increase followers.
  5. Follow others as much as you can: Follow and unfollow is the best way, simplest way, follow the people who is created new account, looking to gain new followers , search  in bar like follow and I will follow back, many people posted content like this looking to gain followers rapidly, just follow these people automatically you will receive follow back.
  6. Use hash tags and Follow new trends: Similarly like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter here also use the trending tags and topics, try to put as many tags as you can, probably put more than 10 tags, with video write down similar content which is relevant to video, in the mean while try to post videos on daily basis, trends are changing everyday constantly do research on that before commit to start preparing content.
  7. Share video in other social media platform: Start creating accounts in other social media platforms like Facebook, twitter, utube, LinkedIn, Instagram etc, and share videos with Tiktok link and content.
How to get links in Tiktok?
Now we have to look into increase likes, many shortcuts available but most curious way is by using Apps, here i will going to mention few of those.

  • Free Tiktok
  • Free Tiktok org
  • Website viptools
  • App tok linker
The very fine tool is Viptool, while login verify captcha, then next step is search with user name in search bar, it will show the similar user name profiles, select and send follow request as the same you will receive follower back, it is more like give and take policy works best here.

Conclusion: The tips I've given here doesn't make your profile sensational in Tiktok, but still these points will helps to increase followers and likes in decent manner.