How to create BlogSpot Blog, A complete guide

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Create free BlogSpot blog:
Are you thinking to earn money through online, then you are in right place, blogging is very good platform to earn money, now the question is how much money you can earn, In normal job how much you can earn 10 times more than that here possible to earn, early coding knowledge was essential otherwise had to hire web designers, but today not necessary anyone who has basic computer knowledge can create blog or website and you won't get any problems while creating it.
  • Creating Blog website is easy just like copy paste the content and publish, but for optimization need technical knowledge, today i will teach you how you can create blog website for free and earn money through it, for new Bloggers Google BlogSpot blog is the best option.
  • BlogSpot blog is completely free from domain, templates optimization is very easy, there is no necessary of technical knowledge to create.

How to optimize blog spot like professional looking blog, here now you will going to learn, step by step guide

Select good Niche: Before start writing pick good niche, the topic you will going to select based on that your earning depends; some of the good niches are there where Google is paying high CTR and CPM. I would recommend you to select the niche which you like the most to read and write.

While selecting Niche these are the points you needs to consider

  1. Niche size
  2. Profitability
  3. Competition
  4. You’re passionate to read, write and learn
  5. Trending topic

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On your mobile or computer while signing in to BlogSpot this is the first page will open, click @ Create New Blog and create new blog.

You will get popup window there write title of Blog, select template and most importantly Blog address (www.example.blogspot dot com)

Many people did started by looking at others, within 6-7 months left writing blogs, so choose the topic at where you are interested, right now 75% of them writing blogs about technology in this niche competition is huge and most importantly difficult to rank articles, while selecting the topic you should be aware, there are many free tools you could use to check competition and difficulty level of keywords.

Niche examples: Gadgets, food, mobile, technology, fashion, laptop etc.

How to start blogging by free:

BlogSpot is a Google product here you can start blogging carrier by free, but first creating Gmail account is essential and then start blogging.

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Title: Here you have to write your blog name ex, Google, yahoo, Bing, select interesting name that should be in between 64-70 characters.

Address: Select and write domain url of blog, url should contain Title of your blog, it can be between 10-15 words.

Template: Many free templates available in the BlogSpot itself choose any one which suits your niche, then click create new blog option now your BlogSpot blog created successfully.

Meta description: To provide best user experience fill out description it should be between 150-300 characters.

Add custom domain: In BlogSpot itself free domain available but it's coming with blogspot domain and it looks like un-professional, many people don't trust these domains and also in future if you want to move from BlogSpot to WordPress platform very difficult to move content with domain for that reason i would suggest you to buy custom domain in Go-daddy or somewhere, use paid domain for your blog.

Start writing: Choose interesting topic, do research on that topic, while doing research make points if you really want to rank blog in search engines, here some key points are there you have to keep it in mind. Content should be more than 1000 characters, according to experts survey the blog which has more than 2000 characters getting rank & having more organic traffic, so at least you have to write content more than 1000 characters.

Submission of blog in webmastertool: You prepared blogposts, domain is ready, pages have been created by you, now the question how pages will appear in SERP, for that you have to submit website in webmaster, there is a verification script present copy code & paste in your blog page and verify.

Submission of sitemap: Sitemap is nothing but setup of all webpages in a file and you have to submit in webmaster tool for indexing, search engine takes hardly 10 days to indexing, it's completely depends on type of website you have, in some case it takes 10 minutes to get indexed, manually submission can be used for individual page indexing.

In BlogSpot platform is domain available for free?

Off course available for free, it is been provided by Google itself.

Can you apply BlogSpot blog for AdSense approval?

Yes you can apply BlogSpot blogs for AdSense approval, before that you have to optimize according to Google standard.

Earn money from your Blogs

You created blogs now it's time to earn money from your blogs, also there are many other ways to earn money, most Bloggers using AdSense program to earn money, it takes 12 days to get approval after that java scripts needs to be place in blogposts, for Ads impressions, clicks google pays money to you.

Another way is affiliate programs, there are many companies running affiliate campaigns like amazon, flipkart, go-daddy etc. It is simple signup process, later place products codes in blog post for each purchase you will receive commissions, the percentage of commission is different from one product to another.

Conclusion: Hi friend you read my blog post which is about how to create blogs and earn money through it, I hope you liked it, I'm shore if you are thinking to write blogs it will be useful for you, please follow the steps I've mentioned here and i promise you will not face any problems while creating BlogSpot account, if you liked my post don't forget to share in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.